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Miller to answer KG and the C’s by September

Reggie Miller
Could Reggie Miller (center) be allied with Celtics captain Paul Pierce (left) in Boston this season? (Photo Courtesy of supersonicsoul.com)

In today’s Boston Herald, Mark Murphy reports on Reggie Miller‘s progress in his recent attempt to see if he can get back into playing shape. He appeared on Dan Patrick’s ESPN radio show yesterday, and noted that he was “shocked” when he heard that Celtics GM Danny Ainge contacted his former agent Arn Tellem about his availability.

“I have no idea what I’m going to do,” Miller said yesterday. “I’m working out twice a day. It would be irresponsible of me not to go full bore now to see what I can do. I’ll make a decision soon…Six or seven days ago I started two-a-days, and I probably have 10 days left of that. By the middle of September I should have an answer.”

Miller said that him Ainge also discussed the Celtics roster, specifically about a possible role for the former Pacer on the bench.

“We had a conversation about his team and the roster,” said Miller. “But it was to talk about supporting roles, because they had to mortgage the farm to bring in who they have.”

Miller told Patrick that the Celtics and their offer “piqued my interest.”

“It will be interesting,” he said. “To come back with a team like Orlando, or a team that was middle of the road would be one thing. But this team won the lottery when they got Kevin Garnett.”

According to the Indianapolis Star’s Mark Montieth, Celtics forward Kevin Garnett paid Miller a visit during his radio interview from his house.

“I’m in the ‘Get Reggie’ mode,” said Garnett, a 10-time NBA all-star.

Miller praised the Celtics for giving him time to make his decision.

“They’ve given me as much time as I need to shock my body and see where I am,” he said.

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