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Red Sox: Week in Review

In the standing the Red Sox are 92-64, putting them two games ahead of the Yankees. The Yankees are now so close thanks to Sox going 2-5 in the last week. While the Yankees have gone 6-2. In that time you have to blame the losses on the offense. They have averaged 2.4 runs per game in the losses. Although pitching has averaged allowing 5 runs per game in the losses, this offense should be able to win those games.

The worst bats were Coco Crisp, Dustin Pedroia, and Eric Hinske. Together they went 8 for 67.

Craig Grebeck’s Bat of the Week: Eric Hinske played in all of the last seven games and was awful! He was 3-27 with 8 K’s and no walks. That works out to a .111/.143/.185 line. Someone give this guy the flu. He is good for sinker ballers and no one else. He sucks.

The Games Coming Up Are:

  • vs Oakland: Schilling (8-8, 3.97 ERA) vs Gaudin (11-12, 4.52 ERA)
  • vs Oakland: Lester (4-0, 4.45 ERA) vs Blanton (14-10, 3.84 ERA)
  • vs Minnesota: Beckett (20-6, 3.14 ERA) vs Baker (9-9, 4.29 ERA)
  • vs Minnesota: Matsuzaka (14-12, 4.48 ERA) vs Slowey (4-0, 4.57 ERA)

Only six games left. Playoffs time is around the corner.
Sorry about my absence, I just started the school year and I hadn’t done work for the first few weeks so I had to do them in the last few days.


  • Ellsbury is on another hitting streak. Its only 6 games but this kid is making it happen out there. Production is production. Its hard to say this kid won’t turn out to be a solid big leaguer.

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