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Ray Allen and Perk Shine in 2 Weekend Wins

Kendrick Perkins (Courtesy of NBA.com)
Celtics center Kendrick Perkins was dominant Friday night against the Lakers.(Courtesy of NBA.com)

GAME 1: Celtics 107, Lakers 94

In Friday night’s game against the Lakers, Kendrick Perkins showed that he really is a beast. Matched up against Andrew Bynum, Perk exploded for 21 points and 9 rebounds. He found a way to get open nearly every time KG was double-teamed. Just to know that Perk is capable of such a productive game offensively is great, because not only is it good to see your center play that well on the offensive end, it leaves Doc and the fans more comfortable when Perk is on the floor and KG is off the floor.

I also must note the ridiculous behind-the-back fake from Rajon Rondo. I’ve been hard on him, and he hasn’t started as fast as he probably wanted, but that play was ridiculous. He faked out everyone in the Garden. Instead of dishing the ball back out to the key (which he moved his body towards doing that), he faked and instead drove to the basket. I can’t wait til it’s on YouTube.

GAME 2: Celtics 96, Bobcats 95

Allen was suffering with a case of poor shooting all game. Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn were trying to diagnose the problem, just to say that Allen has been going through a rough stretch. During the game we saw that Ray Allen’s biggest fan, his mom, was in attendance cheering on her “pride and joy.” Maybe she provided the inspiration. The shot was a thing of beauty.

The man was struggling, yet for one moment, one instant, he was the guy who had every pair of eyes on him. He had no time to think, no time to blink. He caught the ball and almost instinctively jumped and released the ball in the perfect motion and form he always had. The buzzer sounded as the ball swished through the hoop and the game was over. If he had one second to think, perhaps he would’ve missed. But that didn’t matter, the Celtics were winners, and Ray Allen was the hero.

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