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Take That Isiah!

Isiah Thomas (Courtesy of
Isiah Thomas, above, deserves to be fired after a 45-point loss, but he probably won’t be.(Courtesy of

Allow me first to address Quentin Richardson’s pre-game comments that the Celtics’ Big Three weren’t a big deal.


That game was the perfect slap in the face to the Knicks (well, more like knockout blow). Not only did I see the Celtics annihilate the Knicks by over 40 points in a 104-59 win ( Box Score), I got to do it sitting in Club Section 137 on nice padded seats with food service. Sure the seats were 150 bucks, but it’s worth it, trust me. The worst part of the win though was that I got to see just 22 minutes from Kevin Garnett. As a result, it was the Glen “Big Baby” Davis show. To be honest, Davis showed me a lot of promise as a scorer in this league.

If I’m talking about Glen “Big Baby” Davis in the first full paragraph of this post, you know that the game was a blowout. I mean, the Celtics were up by 50 late in the game! The Knicks probably wouldn’t have fared much better if it was 5-on-4. Here are some stats: the Knicks shot 30.3% from the field (23-76), had 14 turnovers and just 12 assists.

The biggest shot of the game was the final shot, a 35-foot desperation 3-pointer by Nate Robinson. With the Robinson’s 3, the Knicks avoided their lowest scoring output of all time. Instead, they finished with 59 points en route to their second-worst offensive performance in team history.

The Knicks proved to be the biggest joke of a franchise in the NBA. Isiah Thomas deserves to and probably will get fired. Isiah’s got it all: horrible trades, terrible coaching, a sexual harassment lawsuit, and the most senseless roster in the NBA. I mean, it’s a mess. Anyway, the best solution is to fire Isiah, and stop trading for contracts. Let them all expire and START OVER. There won’t be any happy Knicks fans when there’s no hope any season.

Will Isiah get fired? No. In fact, he’ll probably get a promotion for all the good he’s done to the Knicks franchise…

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  1. Even as a Knicks fan, I was hoping the Celtics would run up the score.

    This picture from ESPN:

    The player’s body language and reaction to Isiah Thomas tells it all..

    Posted by Dave | November 30, 2007, 9:21 am
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