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WWE “Experts” Weigh in on NFL Playoffs

World Wrestling Entertainment asked some of their wrestlers and valets to make their pick for a team to win the Superbowl based on the remaining teams. Despite the fact that WWE is located in New England, none of the “experts” chose the Patriots, or even last year’s Superbowl winner, the Indianapolis Colts. Brilliant.

JBL chose the Cowboys, but says: “The Dallas Cowboys have the best team in the NFC. I think Dallas beats Green Bay and New England beats Indianapolis. Unfortunately, New England will probably beat Dallas in the Super Bowl. If both teams play their best, New England has the edge.”

Reaction: Ok…You chose the Cowboys to win it all but think they’ll lose to the Patriots?

Jeff Hardy chose the Jags: “I’m torn between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the San Diego Chargers. The Jaguars really impressed me in that Pittsburgh game. That’s the first time I really sat down and watched a game in a while. I got away from it in the last few years, but football’s really entertaining. I like to go to the bars and watch games with those crazy football fans.”

Reaction: You don’t know about football, so you chose the team that won the only game you’ve seen in years? Ahh, I get it…

Michelle McCool chose the Jags: “I’ve got to stick with the Jacksonville Jaguars – got to stick with the home team. There’s nothing more I’d like to see than the Jaguars bringing a Super Bowl trophy home. I’m just a hometown fan. There are no rituals or superstitions when I watch any sport, but don’t be around me or giving me attitude because I get way into it. I’m too competitive.”

Reaction: She likes her team. Hey, she can tell me anything and I’ll believe her looking like this

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One comment for “WWE “Experts” Weigh in on NFL Playoffs”

  1. haha wrestlers are smarter then I thought

    I wonder if these guys were the best choices to make these pics.

    Can’t argue with McCool tho. She has the most perfect tan I’ve ever seen. I’ll be looking to find some pictures where I can see a bikini line

    Posted by Dan | January 12, 2008, 11:31 am

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