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Does Congress Have Anything Else to do?

Does Congress have anything else better to do? After pouring over the Mitchell report for weeks and holding an all day hearing to adress the issue of PED in baseball, is anyone else wondering what I am. Isn’t there more important business?

I look at is as this is one of the few things all of congress can put there foot down on. From republican to democrat all say, “Mmk drugs are bad”

And that’s a fantastic message but everyone knows. But congress feels if they can all put there foot down on this issue its a very public win. It looks good on their resume.

But of all crazy things for them to focus on… drugs in baseball?? What? These baseball players aren’t addicted to cocaine. Like many baseball players might be or were. Let’s not name names. Or most readers wouldn’t read passed the A’s. These are millionaires trying to get an edge in a game. Like holding a hearing because some a professional poker player has been stealing chips.

There are other things to consider like the influence on the youth. But it’s just plain cheating. And as soon as your old enough to know what a game is you know about cheating. Whether its drugs or maybe stealing, like my poker player example, everyone is aware of it.

From children, to high schoolers, to college kids all know the choices they can make. And it’s not going to be a stricter drug policy in baseball that keeps kids from wanting to cheat.

Ultimately, the responsibility to stop drug use in baseball should fall on Bud Selig. Selig should be doing all he can to stop any and all drug use. He certainly could have done more. But has it gotten so bad the government needs to step in? I say no.

I’d rather hear about them fixing healthcare, the economy, the homeless problem, maybe the war going on. When congress should be focusing on America’s big issues, they’re wondering about whether Clemens got a steroid shot in the butt.

It’s like making the president do his own laundry and make his own meals. Everyone would be wondering: doesn’t he have anything better to do? These guys need to focus. And maybe get a stiff kick in the butt.



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