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Report: Pats taped Rams before the Superbowl

A Boston Herald report by John Tomase says an unnamed source has claimed the Patriots taped the final walk-through of the St. Louis Rams leading up to Super Bowl XXXVI. Patriots spokesman Stacy James has commented, “the coaches have no knowledge of it.”

From Tomase’s story:

After completing the walkthrough, they had their team picture taken and the Rams then took the field. According to the source, a member of the team’s video staff stayed behind after attending the team’s walkthrough and filmed St. Louis’ walkthrough.

At no point was he asked to identify himself or produce a press pass, the source said. The cameraman rode the media shuttle back to the hotel with news photographers when the Rams walkthrough was completed, the source said.

This revelation comes one day after Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) said he wishes to speak to NFL commissioner Roger Goodall concerning the destroying of the Patriots six tapes which were confiscated during the Spygate scandal.

Also yesterday it broke that former Patriots video employee Matt Walsh says he has more information about the taping of opposing coaches or practices. Walsh worked for the Patriots from 1999-2003.

My Take: All this is very disturbing, but so unnecessary to come out today. Win or lose, this will be investigated next week and it could be very bleak for the Patriots if these allegations are true. It’s unfortunate these stories came out on the days leading up to the Superbowl, but knowing the Pats, they’ll use it as even more motivation to go out and win their fourth ring in seven years.

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  1. Why would John Tomase, writer for the Herald, release the story a day before the Super Bowl? What a joke!!! Proof that the Herald is a totally ridiculous publication!

    Posted by KC | February 2, 2008, 5:02 pm
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    Posted by Tim Wakefield to Skip Next Start | Sports of Boston | September 7, 2009, 2:55 pm

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