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Sox Can’t Come Back in 9th; Yankees Win 2-1

Today’s game was a classic pitchers’ duel that saw Red Sox pitcher Justin Masterson at the wrong end. Despite giving up only two runs, Masterson pitched another good game, but Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina pitched a better one. Masterson pitched six innings giving up two runs on six hits with two strikeouts and two walks. Mussina also pitched six innings with no runs and five strikeouts. The strange thing about this game was the amount of hit batters on both sides.

Today’s game saw seven different batters get hit by a pitch. However, there were no ejections, no fights, and no exchange of words between the two rivals. Masterson hit Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, and Jose Molina. On the other end, Mike Mussina hit Manny Ramirez twice and then Mariano Rivera hit Ramirez again as well as Kevin Youkilis, in what was almost a blown save for Rivera.

In the ninth inning, the Red Sox had four straight players reach base in J.D. Drew, Manny Ramirez, Mike Lowell, and Kevin Youkilis with no outs and the Yankees up by 2 runs. Unfortunately, only Drew was able to score (off of a single by Lowell) to make the score 2-1. Coco Crisp, Jason Varitek, and Julio Lugo were unable to empty the loaded bases and the Red Sox lost 2-1.

J.D. Drew and Dustin Pedroia were able to manage two hits each out of Boston’s six. Mike Mussina seemed to continue a stream of pitching like he did in his youth. He looked a lot like his old self that used to terrorize the Red Sox. The Sox will look to take this series tomorrow night in Game 4. Tim Wakefield will match up against Joba Chamberlain at 8:05 PM.

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One comment for “Sox Can’t Come Back in 9th; Yankees Win 2-1”

  1. Painful to see the Crisp, Varitek, and Lugo combo to end the game…

    I wonder how long Damon will be out for. If he goes on the DL it will be the first time in his career.

    Posted by Chris | July 5, 2008, 8:54 pm

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