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TGIF: I’ll Trade You Lee Evans for Two Pieces of Crap

During my Football Recap of Week 2, I expressed my displeasure with a trade that went down in the Sports of Boston Football League. The trade officially went through on September 15th¬†without a lot of resistance¬†and has left one side with a landslide victory. Although I already touched upon it, I feel I need to elaborate more on why this situation is complete B.S. One party clearly knew they were screwing the other. Either that or the other party just doesn’t care and shouldn’t be in this football league at all. No matter how you slice it, nobody is on my good side.

The trade in question was between two writers of Sports of Boston. Dev traded Kansas City QB Brodie Croyle and Minnesota Viking WR Bernard Berrian for Bills WR Lee Evans.

Since the trade had already gone through it’s several days of pending status and was accepted on the 15th, we know that the trade was offered and pondered well before the start of Week 2. So, here are all player’s stats prior to Week 2:

Brodie Coyle: 88 yds passing, 0 TD, 0 INT
Bernard Berrian: 38 yds receiving, 0 TD
Lee Evans: 102 receiving yds, 0 TD

Right away we see that Evans is the big name in the deal with stats that blow away both Croyle and Berrian. I can see what Geoff was trying to do because his team needed another starting QB and he only has one in a league where two are required. Geoff had lost Jeff Garcia in Week 1 and clearly went into panic mode.

Yeah, I don’t accept that theory at all and here is why: If Geoff was worried about losing Garcia in Week 1 then why would he accept a trade for Croyle who was also injured in Week 1? Croyle got knocked around in Week 1 against New England and Damon Huard replaced him.

It’s not like Geoff needed Evans. Geoff already has a strong WR core with Steve Smith and Plaxico Burress. So he was just dealing from his surplus. That’s fine but what the hell was he thinking trading for an injured QB?

Speaking of WR’s, trading for Berrian was also a stupid move. Berrian isn’t even an ownable receiver. I would drop him without even thinking. At the time he played for Tavaris Jackson who has now since been benched and won’t start in Week 3. Plus, the Vikings are a running team highlighted by that guy, oh what’s his name. Oh yeah, Adrian Peterson!

Lee Evans is actually producing with Trent Edwards who has become a surprise this season with 454 yds and 2 TDs. Evans is on a producing offense while Croyle is not playing and Berrian just sucks.

Want more outrage? Well Week 2 started on Sunday the 14th, one day BEFORE the trade officially went through and the players switched teams. When Week 2 was all said and done, Berrian had no catches and zero total yds. Also, Croyle’s backup, Damon Huard left the game with head trauma and the third string QB, Tyler Thigpen came into the game. Guess who picked up Tyler Thigpen? That’s right, Dev!

Just take that into perspective. Dev, is knowingly trading away a useless QB in Croyle and actually has his backup who is starting. Instead of doing the right thing, which is ask for the trade to be cancelled in order to restructure it to include the right starting QB, Dev just lets it go through and wrongfully acquires a #1 WR for two pieces of useless garbage.

The result is that Dev gets a huge upgrade at WR and Geoff now has a droppable WR in Berrian and an injured, non-starting QB. Is it a surprise that I vetoed the trade? I couldn’t do it alone, four votes are needed to veto a trade and I couldn’t do anything about it.

But hey, this is just my opinion. Maybe there is a side to the story that I am not aware of. I gladly invite Geoff and Dev to defend themselves. I’d love to know what kind of negotiating went down during these trade talks. Better yet: Geoff, how about we start some trade talks? I’d love to get a good deal on some of your top talent.

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