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Vinatieri Hits Late FG, Colts Edge Patriots 18-15

Adam Vinatieri proved to be one of the clutchest kickers in the history of the NFL during his years with the Patriots. Now with the Indianapolis Colts, Vinatieri has continued to have a high level of success. Against his former team, the kicker hit a 52-yard field goal in the fourth quarter that turned out to be a game-winner in a 18-15 Colts victory.

Matt Cassel played well in his first game against the Colts, completing 25 of 34 passes for 204 yards and zero touchdowns. He also had one interception on their last offensive play of the game, but it was not his fault. On the previous play, TE David Thomas had a stupid 15-yard late hit penalty that pushed the team out of field goal range. Stephen Gostkowski, who already had three FGs, would’ve had a chance for a fourth one that would’ve helped the Pats tie the game with 4:45 remaining.

In the third quarter, Jabar Gaffney dropped a would-be touchdown pass that would’ve given the Pats the lead. Instead, they failed to score. Last year, the team was so good they could win despite critical mistakes. This team, while talented and in good position at 5-3, is just not good enough to win after dumb plays.

Meanwhile, the Colts won a game they had to win, but are still four games back in the division at 4-4 (the Titans are 8-0). Peyton Manning threw for 254 yards (21-29 passing) and two touchdowns. He was not sacked (neither was Cassel for that matter) and didn’t throw a pick, so he was highly effecient in the Colts win.

SoB’s Jeff will have more when he answers necessary questions in his “Verdict.”

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