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Josh Beckett Fined, Suspended Six Games

The rough start to the Red Sox season got a little rougher Tuesday as ace starting pitcher Josh Beckett was fined and suspended six games by Major League Baseball for an incident with Bobby Abreu on Sunday.

In the first inning of his outing against the Angels, Beckett went into his windup when the home plate umpire called time out. Beckett did not stop his windup and the pitch came extremely close to hitting Abreu in the head. Abreu – a former Yankee – took offense and the benches cleared. No punches were thrown and Beckett was not tossed from the game.

Angels coach Mickey Hatcher was also suspended for one game.

My Take: Seems like a pretty harsh penalty, but I don’t think there’s much doubt what Beckett’s intentions were. With the 2-5 Sox already struggling on the mound, missing a Beckett start isn’t what they needed to rebound.

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3 comments for “Josh Beckett Fined, Suspended Six Games”

  1. From what I saw it looked like he just lost control. Abreu called time during Beckett’s windup and the pitch just got away from him. If anything, I’d say the umpire should have denied the request for time.

    This punishment is bogus in my book.

    Posted by Chris | April 14, 2009, 6:09 pm
  2. The fine is based on his actions after he threw the pitch according to Bob Watson. If he had any remorse for the pitch then he shouldn’t have told Abreu to ‘get your fuckin ass back in the fuckin box” and he then shouldn’t of started an arguement scisocia. IF anything Beckett looked all too much like Clemens, when he was on the Yankees, aka when he was on the roids.

    Posted by Josh | April 14, 2009, 8:33 pm
  3. haha easy there. Beckett’s not on roids. He’s hot, and he throws inside.

    The Angels were just trying to get in Beckett’s head. They did with Kendrick the previous at bat, and again with Abreu. The ump had NO business granting Abreu time.

    Beckett did not intend to hit Abreu in the head, but he did intend to send a message.

    The punishment is just. Beckett will probably appeal the suspension, and MLB will probably reduce it to five games, which means Beckett misses one start anyway.

    Posted by KC | April 15, 2009, 6:17 am

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