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A-Rod’s First Full Week Since Return

Alex Rodriguez returned last week after missing a little over a month of the season due to hip surgery. He hit a home run in his first plate appearance on the very first pitch and made Suzyn Waldman wax poetic like she had just seen Roger Clemens in George Steinbrenner’s box. And, yes, every Yankees fan cringed at that.

More importantly, after seeing Cody Ransom, Angel Berroa, and Ramiro Pena do their impersonations of a major league third baseman, Alex Rodriguez had returned to hopefully provide the Yankees with very good performance yet again.

The one thing that can definitely be said is that Alex is doing pretty fine on defense, but you can tell that due to his hip he doesn’t run after foul balls as hard if they’re headed towards the stands with a little bit of uncertainty.

As for offense, well it seems to have taken him a few games to get his swing into a groove, but his eye is certainly in place. He walked nine times in the past week, none of which were intentional. As for the hits, he had a single on Tuesday and then two home runs in the past two days, one of which was a walk off home run. Yep, A-Rod seems to be going about shutting up his critics early on this year. One of his singles so far this year drove in a key run late in the game, and his home run Sunday was in the 7th inning with the Yankees losing 2-0 (a clutch hit).

A-Rod so far in 2009:

9 29 3 5 3 7 9 6 .172 .385 .483

A-Rod has struck out a decent amount, but I suspect as he gets more comfortable with his hip, that’ll decrease since he’ll know how his body responds to certain physical motions better, plus his eye will be in even better game shape from the live action. It’s not like the umpire for every game will be the one from Friday night’s game, who decided to extend the strike zone to the white of the right handed batter’s box pretty often.

The one thing to look for with A-Rod will be how many balls he hits to right center, which tends to be his power zone. That may tell the true strength of his hip. So far his 3 HRs are to left field.

Most importantly, A-Rod has not said anything stupid since he returned, and let’s keep it that way.

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