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I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets mightily sick of hearing about possible trades for Roy Halladay. The saga has been dragging on for what seems like decades, with the same names being bandied about like ribald jokes. Part of the problem is that sports media is generally pretty good about covering what goes on between the lines, but amateurish and overly respectful of the sports establishment outside of them.

That said, I’m going to contribute to the problem right now. My only thought about Roy Halladay’s future is this: Oh lord, please don’t let him go to the Yankees. Those maniacs in the Bronx could romp home with the division with a guy like that in their rotation.

After a hilariously inept opening to the 2009 season, the Yanks’ starters have settled into a serious groove. CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and even Joba the Hutt have been excellent in recent weeks. Even Andy Pettitte hasn’t totally embarrassed himself. That leaves the butt of the rotation and many jokes, Sergio Mitre, who stinks.

Throw a world-class, ace-of-any-staff badass like Halladay into the mix and we can kiss the last shreds of Boston’s status as best rotation in the division goodbye. In case you haven’t noticed, these are not the Yankees of this April. There was that hiccup at the beginning of June, but the Sox have looked like the class of the AL East — and the AL in general — for the vast majority of the season. And it’s not there’s anything seriously wrong on the Boston end of things: a lot of good hitters are slumping at the same time. But just like that, the Yanks are on top by one and a half games.

My point is that even without Halladay, the Yankees could wind up winning the division. With him, change “could” in that previous sentence to “will” and add “comfortably” at the end. It worries me, truly it does, and causes me to become nervous and talk liek a lolkitteh. I’m in ur sports blog, hatin’ ur Yankees.

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