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Patriots sign Andrew Walter

According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, the Patriots on the “verge” of signing former Oakland Raiders quarterback Andrew Walter. The 27-year-old out of Arizona State University has certainly had a very poor professional career. At 6-6, 230 pounds, Walter sure looks the part, but sometimes size doesn’t matter. In 2006, Walter started eight games for the Raiders where he threw for 1,677 yards while only completing 53.3% of his passes. He also passed for only three touchdowns while being intercepted 13 times.

Now, to Walter’s defense, he was playing behind one of the worst offensive lines this league has ever seen and because of that he was sacked 46 times during his playing time. Not to mention that his No.1 receiver was out there jogging routes and refusing to go over the middle. Who was that? Oh yeah, Randy Moss.

It appears that the Patriots coaching staff is very dissatisfied with the third quarterback situation. Earlier last week there were rumblings about Michael Vick, then Cleo Lemon, and now Walter. Apparently Bill Belichick feels safe with Kevin O’Connell as the team’s second quarterback, so adding Walter in the mix for the third slot seems about right. I would love to give some crazy analysis on the signing but I’ll tell it point blank. No one will ever see Walter on the field, unless Bernard Pollard gets traded to the Buffalo Bills and illegally hits both Tom Brady and O’Connell during Week 1 of the season. And folks, that’s unlikely.

I’d also like to note my experiences with profootballtalk.com. Sometimes their “rumors” are a little off-base, and I would just like to reiterate that this report merely states that the Patriots are on the “verge” of signing Walter. Nothing has yet to be official.

UPDATE: The Patriots have officially signed Andrew Walter. Along with this move the team released Matt Gutierrez.

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