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Victor Martinez Joins the Sox, Jerry Remy Cancer-Free


Here’s a weekly a column taking a look at the top five sports events this past week that left us all asking the question “Did that just happen?”

In no particular order…

Red Sox trade for Victor Martinez, get rid of Adam LaRoche

Almost as soon as the Red Sox acquired first basemen Adam LaRoche, they traded him for catcher Victor Martinez, who has the added benefit of being able to play first and DH as well. So far, Martinez is proving his worth, at least batting-wise. How he’ll stand as a catcher (or even as a first baseman) is yet to be seen.

George Kottaras winds up on the 15-day DL

Of course it seems like everyone winds up on the DL just when we need every player we can get. But I have to say, even though Kottaras found himself on the DL as a result of back spasms, we haven’t exactly been struggling without him (ok, at least not in terms of the catcher position). Martinez and Varitek have now had plenty of time to share catching duties without Kottaras, although he is due to return soon.

Jerry Remy is cancer-free

When (or if) Remy will be returning to NESN is still undecided, or at least unmentioned, but according to reports from his son, he’s recovering well and is officially cancer-free. This comes as very welcome news to all of Red Sox Nation… no matter how many people can try to provide the color for NESN, it just isn’t the same without Jerry Remy.

Celtics sign Shelden Williams

In a package deal worth $1.3 million, Williams comes to the Celtics from the Timberwolves. Williams has struggled in the NBA, not really fitting into a solid position, but hopefully with the Celtics he’ll be able to establish his role.

Red Sox re-sign pitcher Paul Byrd

Byrd retired after playing with the Sox last season, but decided to make one last appearance with the Sox, who are in desperate need of some better pitching. With Tim Wakefield still out on the DL and Brad Penny not living up to expectations, this could be a big step for Byrd.

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