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Report: Red Sox Claim Cristian Guzman

Cristian Guzman

The Red Sox lost Jed Lowrie to the disabled list again with a strained forearm, and without Julio Lugo, are left with the slumping Nick Green and the recently acquired Chris Woodward to play shortstop. Understandably, Theo Epstein is not impressed with the tandem, and is apparently zeroing in on another shortstop, according to the Boston Globe.

The Red Sox have reportedly claimed Nationals shortstop Cristian Guzman off waivers. according to Major League sources. Guzman is currently hitting .314 with five HRs and 39 RBI. Unlike Green and Woodward, Guzman has a good amount of pop in his bat.

If the Sox were awarded the claim (which hasn’t been confirmed), the team has 48 hours to work out a deal with the Nationals. Guzman could be traded to the Sox, he could be just sent to the Sox for free (considering his $8 million salary for this year and next, that may happen), or the Nationals could pull him back.

Guzman’s been decent with the glove in his career, and this year he has comitted 13 errors. By comparison, Nick Green has 13 errors in 71 games at SS, and Julio Lugo had seven errors in just 32 games at the position before he was designated.

Reaction: Will this solve the Sox shortstop problem? It will definitely will help. Guzman may help fill a gap for next season if Jed Lowrie can’t get over his injury issues. Is Guzman worth $8 million? Probably not…but the Sox have deep pockets, so I guess that doesn’t matter.

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