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Globe Headlines Uncon-Vince-ing


(Speaking of unconvincing headlines…)

I come from a print background, so I’m usually willing to give newspapers the benefit of the doubt over apparent mistakes. I think newspapers are still the most journalistic-savvy of the major media, and they’re about the only ones left that do any actual reporting. Still, they occasionally fall down in the area of interpretation.

A piece in yesterday’s Globe was headlined “Nose getting out of joint?” (Sub-head:”Wilfork frustrated with Patriots.”) If that’s all you saw, you could get mightily worried about Vince Wilfork’s relationship with the front office. Fortunately for Pats fans, the article’s cuffs and collar don’t match.

Wilfork is quoted at length discussing his contract situation, characterizing the situation as “frustrating.” Note that he didn’t say he was frustrated with the team, merely the situation. In fact, he goes out of his way to emphasize that he “understand[s] where the organization is coming from.” The star nose tackle comes off sounding reasonable, good-humored and cogent, not at all the whining malcontent that the headline suggests.

This is, admittedly, splitting hairs very finely indeed. But both the Patriots and the Globe are local institutions. Couldn’t the Globe be throwing the Patriots a bone by swinging the tone of the debate in the organization’s favor? Wouldn’t it help the Patriots put pressure on Wilfork to sign a cheaper deal by swinging public opinion against him?

Technically, the answers are yes and yes, but come on; does that make any sense? It’s the same kind of conspiracy theorizing as those creeps who think the government did 9/11 or the nutbars who insist that the moon landings were fake. I’ll eat my remote control if there’s any actual effort going on there. It’s just some dumb editor doing what dumb editors do: screw up stories.

Also, I didn’t know that Wilfork just had another kid. Congrats, big fella. Here’s hoping the kid goes to Boston Latin and not Bronx Science or someplace.

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