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OMG! Tom Brady is HOTT, or Not, LOL

Tom Brady voiced himself on Family Guy and The Simpsons. Tom Brady on The Simpsons: 'Oh yeah, cheer for Tom. Everybody loves Tom.'

According to recent research, apparently from teenage girls across the country, Tom Brady is only the eighth best looking quarterback in the NFL. At least BC alum Matt Ryan tops the list, with a 99.82% symmetrical face, compared with 99.14% for Brady. But, does it really matter at all? Beauty is only skin deep, and we all know personality is what matters (which is why Michael Vick would somehow come in at ten millionth on a real list that only involved 32 teams).

So, who else is above Brady?

  1. Matt Ryan
  2. Brett Favre of Minnesota, who is old enough to have seen evolution is at #2. Stick with the blue jeans commercials and being John Madden’s idol, Favre.
  3. Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay, who was Favre’s #2 comes in at #3.
  4. Then comes Matt Hasselback of Seattle; GREAT job last season.
  5. Ditto for Kerry Collins’ playoff performance with Tennessee.
  6. Ben Roethlisberger of Pittsburgh is at #6. It’s good to see he recovered enough from his motorcycle accident, which was caused by him trying to remember how to spell his name while driving.
  7. Shaun Hill of San Francisco is just above Brady; let’s just say Nick Green would make a better quarterback. For all we know, he’ll probably be playing the position soon enough.
  8. Tom Brady

But in all seriousness, it really doesn’t matter where you rank quarterbacks; you could pretty much rank them in the order you pick their names out of a hat and still have an accurate list. Besides, good looking faces don’t matter in the least when you have the ability to throw the ball and lead your team to victory. The last time someone tried catching something with their face, it didn’t work out too well for Fabio. Besides, as most of us have seen, people will do anything to be around the hottest thing since the sun, Tom Brady.

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