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Dolphins’ Joey Porter Acting Fishy Yet Again

Joey Porter didn't feel like talking so much after getting harpooned by the Saints. (AP Photo / J Pat Carter)

Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter is at it again ahead of the Patriots-Fins game this Sunday, and he just can’t seem to let Spygate go. The Boston Herald quoted Porter, in a recent conference call, as saying, “With Pittsburgh, some AFC championships we lost back when. Some things came out months later why we lost. So, yeah, a natural hate for them.” Boston.com elaborated that when asked if he thought the situation cost him Super Bowl Rings back in his Steelers days, Porter said, “We do this every year around this time when I do this conference call. You know exactly what I’m talking about. And they know exactly what I’m talking about. And that’s not gonna change.”

That’s all Porter does, really. He talks a big game, but he has to prove it each time he does. He can’t do it every time, not with Tom Brady looking like his old self. He keeps saying things like “natural hate” but it’s only making him have the same stigma. I’m sure plenty of players (see Pats, Jets) that he speaks out against are angry at him and look to show him up. But, the Patriots have been around the block a few times, and I’m sure they wouldn’t let it bother them. They’ll just shut him up by shutting him down and running up the score. Just call Tennessee if you don’t believe me. They’ll just use his trash talking to fire up the crowd like the Founding Fathers used their masterful propaganda machine to rile up support for their cause.

The people who are most upset by Porter, as usual, are probably Boston sports fans. Everyone knows how into it we get; we practically turn every Red Sox road game into a home game with our presence. Boston sports fans are well-known for getting into heated arguments, and while Porter may be one of the most popular Miami Dolphins’ figures since Snowflake, I’m sure many sports fans from New England wish Porter had disappeared instead. After all, with all his cocky bragging lately, listening to Porter at this point is like chugging a whole bottle of ipecac.

Essentially, one doesn’t need to argue back against the simpleton Joey Porter. We don’t need to sink to his level by shooting off our mouths. Just be happy knowing that after the Patriots finished mopping the field with the Dolphins, Porter’s mouth is all he will have left.

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