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Dustin Pedroia Wife: Kelli Pedroia

Kelli Pedroia (Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff)

Behind every good man is a better woman, or so they say. So, Sports of Boston decided to hit the books (or the Internet in this case), and look through all of our favorite athlete’s significant others. We first gave you Clay Buchholz’s smoking hot girlfriend and later his just-as-hot fiancee, but I’d say it’s time to branch out. As a result, this is the first in a continuous series taking a look at the wives and girlfriends that keep our professional athletes sane.

On Nov. 11, 2006, Kelli Hatley officially entered the world of professional sports when she married boyfriend Dustin Pedroia, who later became the starting second baseman of the Boston Red Sox. The marriage in 2006 of the college sweethearts showed that Kelli and Dustin really liked each other (and she was not a gold digger), because while there was hope he would join the big club full-time in 2007, it was certainly no guarantee.

Interesting Fact

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When Kelli was 18, she was diagnosed with melanoma and currently works to warn teenage girls against tanning beds and tanning outside. Now 24, she recently joined the Melanoma Foundation of New England as a volunteer spokeswoman.

Recently in the Headlines

Kelli was recently in the headlines for a difficult pregnancy around the All-Star Break. Dustin did not attend the ASG to be with his wife, and she pulled through to deliver the couple’s first child, a son named Dylan.


Kelli appeared with Don Orsillo and Dennis Eckersley during a Red Sox-Mets game on May 23:

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