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Mark Cuban Electrifies on Raw

Mark Cuban emerges from the stands to make a grand appearance (

Mark Cuban was the guest host for Monday Night Raw, which took place in Cuban’s playground, in Dallas. Plenty of jesting took place regarding the Mavericks and their playoff shortcomings, but Cuban remained confident, asserting that the Mavericks will win the NBA Finals right there in Dallas.

Even Massachusetts’ own (WWE Champion) John Cena received a show of respect, as Cuban called him “my main man.” With the Celtics doing so well, Cuban serves his purpose well to endear himself to Boston like that; especially with a Celtics/Mavs Finals definitely possible. He even brought security over personally to block Cena’s next challenger Sheamus from interfering in Cena’s defeat of Carlito.

Cuban’s night was not over, as Randy Orton (along with minions Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase) taunted Cuban about being attacked from behind by Orton at 2003’s Survivor Series, in an effort to intimidate Cuban into making Orton #1 Contender for the WWE Title. It backfired, as Rhodes and Dibiase were put into a match against Primo and Evan Bourne, won, and were ejected from the arena.

Cuban also made himself guest referee for Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston, and got revenge on Orton by making a fast count in Kingston’s favor. He even turned the rivalry up a notch by making a rematch between the two for TLC. Orton was beside himself as Cuban celebrated with Kingston.

And finally, Cuban hosted a discussion between Cena and Sheamus to end the night, asking them about their upcoming title match. It quickly came to blows, of course, with both Cena and Cuban getting knocked over. Cuban shoved Sheamus back, but was thrown through a table for his troubles. At least he had some Maverick cohorts ringside to chase Sheamus off before things got too bad for him.

And so another night came to an inauspicious close for a guest host of Raw. Cuban took a hard blow through the table, which as a Celtics fan was fun to watch. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to do the same thing to the Mavericks’ hopes of a championship.

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