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Johnny Damon Hits a Home Run on Raw

Johnny Damon on Monday Night Raw (wwe.com).

Johnny Damon became the first baseball player to guest host Raw, and certainly made a big impact. Boos accompanied his entrance, as was to be expected from the Tampa Bay (Rays) crowd. Though Damon quickly endeared himself to all in attendance by starting off the show with a six-diva, Santa’s Little Helper tag match. With Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, and Melina facing off against and defeating Jillian, Alicia Fox, and Maryse, who wouldn’t love Damon after that?

Meanwhile, in the locker room area, Damon threw his weight around, booking Chris Masters vs. Carlito after the two got into an altercation. Things got a little dicey when Damon found himself under the mistletoe with Sergeant Slaughter (dressed as Santa Claus), and Damon quickly got out of the way as the Slaughter called out, “Don’t ask don’t tell.” Once that was over, Damon booked M.V.P. vs. WWE Champion Sheamus, after consulting with M.V.P. and Dusty Rhodes, the second dressed up Santa of the night.

Masters and Sheamus won in convincing fashion, which was followed by Irwin R. Schyster (I.R.S.), also dressed as Santa, threatening an audit of U.S. Champion the Miz for tax issues. Damon tried to butter up his situation by declaring he had paid his taxes, which prompted I.R.S. to declare that baseball players were the biggest tax cheats on the planet. Damon didn’t have much time to react, as he was surprised and smothered by Mae Young (who is in her eighties, by the way). Young tackled and kissed the unsuspecting baseball star, who barely managed to escape. Perhaps she likes the eggnog a little too much. That’s what Damon gets for leaving Boston for New York.

After getting makeup repairs from the incident (and repeatedly asking for mouthwash), Damon was graced by a visit from Mr. McMahon himself, who asked what Damon would do in response to John Cena’s challenge for his mandatory WWE title rematch. Damon made the match for next week, and then presumably got out of Tampa before Mae Young could finish the job. Not exactly the way Damon hoped the night would go, but maybe the exposure will help him get a new contract for 2010.

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