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2010 Fantasy Baseball Second Baseman Rankings

Chase Utley

Oh second base. At one time, only Alfonso Soriano was worth owning at your position. Since those days, he has gone downhill and the 2B position has seen a spike in production. Well, maybe “spike” is overdoing it, but you have to admit that drafting a second baseman these days isn’t as never-racking as recent years.

Eight second baseman had 25+ home runs last season, so clearly the position isn’t lacking as much power as it used to. Save your worries for short stops and catchers. Our band of bloggers are back for another round as we give you our top 25 second baseman for draft day.

  Pete KC Mike C. George Brian
1. Chase Utley Chase Utley Ian Kinsler Chase Utley  Chase Utley
2. Ian Kinsler Ian Kinsler Chase Utley Ian Kinsler Ian Kinsler
3. Dustin Pedroia Dustin Pedroia Dustin Pedroia Robinson Cano Dustin Pedroia
4. Robinson Cano Brandon Phillips Aaron Hill Ben Zobrist Robinson Cano
5. Brian Roberts Robinson Cano Brian Roberts Brian Roberts Brandon Phillips
6. Brandon Phillips Aaron Hill Brandon Phillips Dustin Pedroia Brian Roberts
7. Aaron Hill Ben Zobrist Ben Zobrist Aaron Hill Ben Zobrist
8. Ben Zobrist Brian Roberts Dan Uggla Brandon Phillips Aaron Hill
9. Howie Kendrick Dan Uggla Rickie Weeks Jose Lopez Dan Uggla
10. Jose Lopez Howie Kendrck Robinson Cano Dan Uggla Howie Kendrick
11. Dan Uggla Jose Lopez Asdrubel Cabrera Ian Stewart Jose Lopez
12. Asdrubel Cabrera Asdrubal Cabrera Ian Stewart Asdrubel Cabrera Asdrubel Cabrera
13. Placido Polanco Rickie Weeks Kelly Johnson Howie Kendrick Ian Stewart
14. Ian Stewart Placido Polanco Howie Kendrick Placido Polanco Placido Polanco
15. Martin Prado Casey McGehee Orlando Hudson Scott Sizemore Martin Prado
16. Rickie Weeks Ian Stewart Jose Lopez Maicer Izturis Rickie Weeks
17. Freddy Sanchez Orlando Hudson Luis Castillo Clint Barmes Freddy Sanchez
18. Ian Stewart Martin Prado Placido Polanco Martin Prado Scott Sizemore
19. Felipe Lopez Freddy Sanchez Scott Sizemore Kelly Johnson Clint Barmes
20. Casey McGehee Clint Barmes Clint Barmes Casey McGehee Orlando Hudson
21. Scott Sizemore Maicer Izturis Akinori Iwamura Rickie Weeks Casey McGehee
22. Orlando Hudson Scott Sizemore Kazuo Matsui Orlando Hudson Maicer Izturis
23. Ian Desmond Felipe Lopez Felipe Lopez Kazuo Matsui Kelly Johnson
24. Maicer Izturis Kazuo Matsui Maicer Izturis Akinori Iwamura Luis Castillo
25. Kazuo Matsui Akinori Iwamura Skip Shumaker Freddy Sanchez Akinori Iwamura

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2 comments for “2010 Fantasy Baseball Second Baseman Rankings”

  1. Pete must really like Ian Stewart to rank him twice

    Plus Gordon Beckham needs some love, considering he’ll only not be eligible at 2B for 5 to 10 games (depending on your league)

    Posted by Dan P | March 16, 2010, 12:19 am
  2. […] up on the docket for the Sports of Boston fantasy baseball was Second Base. A much deeper position than even a few years ago, today’s […]

    Posted by 2010 Fantasy Baseball Second Basemen Rankings « openabner | March 21, 2010, 9:17 am

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