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2010 Fantasy Baseball Third Baseman Rankings

Evan Longoria

Third base can be a bit of a dilemma. If you want your power-hitting players at the corner, then you are going to have to jump early. Only four players at the position hit 30+ home runs last season. Those same four men were also the only 3B to drive in 100+ RBI.

That isn’t to say that serviceable players aren’t available after the marquee 3B are off the board. You can easily find 20+ homers and 80+ RBI later in the draft. Don’t forget players who missed time last season with injuries (Aramis Ramirez), who will fall a few extra spots. And don’t ignore young up-and-comers (Gordon Beckham), who can return a big profit given their current draft position.

The position also carries a lot of risk. Is David Wright going to bounce back? Can Mark Reynolds repeat his 2009 production? Am I going to be the guy who drafts Chipper Jones? Only time will tell.

K.C., Brian, George, and I have returned to give you our top 30 third baseman for draft day. Let the arguing commence!

  Pete KC George Brian
1. Alex Rodriguez  Alex Rodriguez  Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez 
2. Evan Longoria  Evan Longoria  David Wright  Evan Longoria 
3. Ryan Zimmerman  David Wright  Evan Longoria  David Wright 
4. David Wright  Ryan Zimmerman  Ryan Zimmerman  Mark Reynolds 
5. Kevin Youkilis  Mark Reynolds  Pablo Sandoval  Kevin Youkilis 
6. Pablo Sandoval  Kevin Youkilis  Mark Reynolds  Pablo Sandoval 
7. Mark Reynolds  Pablo Sandoval  Kevin Youkilis  Ryan Zimmerman 
8. Michael Young  Aramis Ramirez  Aramis Ramirez  Chone Figgins 
9. Chone Figgins  Gordon Beckham  Gordon Beckham  Aramis Ramirez 
10. Aramis Ramirez  Michael Young  Chone Figgins  Gordon Beckham 
11. Jorge Cantu  Chone Figgins  Michael Young  Michael Young 
12. Gordon Beckham  Chipper Jones Chipper Jones  Chipper Jones 
13. Chipper Jones  Jorge Cantu  Jorge Cantu  Adrian Beltre 
14. Adrian Beltre  Chris Davis  Ian Stewart  Jorge Cantu 
15. Ian Stewart  Adrian Beltre  Chris Davis  Ian Stewart 
16. Casey Blake  Ian Stewart  Adrian Beltre  Martin Prado 
17. Chris Davis  Martin Prado  Mark DeRosa  Chase Headley 
18. Martin Prado  Jhonny Peralta  Jhonny Peralta  Alex Gordon 
19. Mark DeRosa  Mark DeRosa  Casey Blake  Mark DeRosa 
20. Alex Gordon  Mark Teahen Alex Gordon  Kevin Kouzmanoff 
21. Casey McGehee  Casey McGehee  Kevin Kouzmanoff  Casey Blake 
22. Mark Teahen  Alex Gordon  Chase Headley  Mark Teahen 
23. Chase Headley  Chase Headley  Jake Fox  Scott Rolen 
24. Jhonny Peralta  Casey Blake  Edwin Encarnacion  Edwin Encarnacion 
25. Edwin Encarnacion  Edwin Encarnacion  Brandon Inge  Mat Gamel 
26. Kevin Kouzmanoff  Scott Rolen  Casey McGehee  Casey McGehee 
27. Scott Rolen  Kevin Kouzmanoff  Mat Gamel  David Freese 
28. Brandon Wood  Troy Glaus  Garret Atkins  Brandon Wood 
29. Brandon Inge  Brandon Inge  Troy Glaus  Brandon Inge
30. Mat Gamel  Garret Atkins  Andy LaRoche  Pedro Feliz 

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