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New Titan Randy Moss – The Littlest Hobo.

By Damon Durante

Hello again people of the Internet. I am Damon. I am back. I am still the host of BetCenter at BetUS.com. Check me out here: Damon D’s BetCenter

I’m hanging out this week to give my 2.5 cents about the awesomeness that is the Randy Moss situation.

When we last spoke, I was talking about how much I missed Randy’s face but was really okay with him leaving the Patriots.

New England has since gone 3 – 0 and owns the league’s best record, and Randy Moss is now a Tennessee Titan.

People were saying that he could actually land back on the Patriots, which on one hand would be amazing because then he would have technically been traded for a third round pick AND himself – which is an amazing mind bazooka – but also would make zero sense whatsoever.

If you set aside the 30 other teams that had to pass on Moss before he got to the Pats, you need to remember that the Pats traded HIM. Not the other way around. He was not sent packing because he could not catch a football. And it’s still on the fence whether he was even a distraction at all in New England; according to the great hoodie, the decision to move Moss had nothing to do with his personality.

It was a football move, pure and simple, and unfortunately he no longer has a place in New England.

Now that Randy is in Tennessee, he is still a relevant receiver. Maybe not a 20-touchdown guy, but still a vertical threat and most likely worth the money.

I guess the unfortunate part is that Moss’ departure from New England was not on his terms, so the second he landed in Minnesota, his head wasn’t right. He knew he had it good in New England, but perhaps the reality of not being there anymore hadn’t really occurred to him, and that regret will be the problem for any team that ends up with him, Tennessee and beyond.

For now though, Bill Belichick looks like a freaking genius. A month ago, people were piling on the Pats for the unexpected departure of Randy, people were literally dumbfounded, and decided to write off New England on the merits of one player.

But the proof is in the puddin’ people, and if you couldn’t say it before you can say it now: “In Hoodie We Trust.”

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