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2011 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Wildcard Round

New Orleans is the defending champ, but at #5, will they be able to repeat? (http://orthodoxwiki.org/images/2/2e/All_saints.jpg)

A sincere welcome to the NFL Playoffs, which are here at last. Five new teams made the cut from last year, one of them at 7-9. Shall the rules for getting in be altered? We’ll see.

During each game, the nine participants will guess the winner of the game (worth two points), the total number of touchdowns each team will combine for in each game (worth two points if guessed exactly right, or one point if guessed to within one), and the total yardage thrown for by the game’s top passer (worth two points if guessed to within 10, or one point if guessed to within 50).

The general consensus is that the Packers and Eagles will be quite close, and could legitimately go either way, especially with an injured Vick. Kansas City’s impressive home record has them getting some nods, but they’re overall too inexperienced in big situations to get too much notice. And the Jets and Seahawks each got a token vote, too.

So how will everyone fare? Check below and decide for yourself:

Jets @ Colts Ravens @ Chiefs Packers @ Eagles Saints @ Seahawks
Name Winner Total TDs Pass Yards Winner Total TDs Pass Yards Winner Total TDs Pass Yards Winner Total TDs Pass Yards
Andrew Jets 7 290 Ravens 5 250 Packers 8 315 Saints 5 275
Brian Colts 5 280 Ravens 4 240 Eagles 4 270 Saints 7 310
Erikk Colts 6 225 Ravens 4 175 Eagles 7 200 Saints 6 275
John Colts 6 227 Ravens 4 175 Eagles 7 278 Saints 6 324
Justin Colts 6 348 Chiefs 4 190 Eagles 8 290 Seahawks 5 245
KC Colts 5 365 Ravens 3 245 Packers 7 350 Saints 5 330
Matt M Colts 7 315 Ravens 6 225 Packers 8 285 Saints 6 300
Mike C Colts 4 140 Chiefs 5 180 Eagles 4 80 Saints 3 120
Pete Colts 5 383 Chiefs 6 298 Packers 7 320 Saints 4 289

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