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Don’t Give Up on the Bruins Just Yet

Bruins Fans Must be Ruthless for Game 5  (

It’s painfully obvious that the Bruins didn’t play their best hockey the first two playoff games.  Down 2-0 in their opening playoff series against the Montreal Canadiens, things were looking bleak for our Bruins considering the team has never won a playoff series after dropping the first two games (0-26).

Most of the fans, who were riding high off the Bruins before the playoffs began, seemed to have lost hope after Game 2.  Paired with Boston sports analysts calling for coaching and front office changes before the series has ended, it seemed like Boston has turned its back on its hockey team.

A brilliant performance in Game 3 came as a pleasant surprise to most fans in Boston. However, fans continue to doubt the B’s in the series.

Call me crazy, but I refuse to give up on them so easily. I may still be considered a young Bruins fan (21 years old), and maybe a little naïve, but I can’t help but keep faith in them.

Did everyone forget about the 2004 Red Sox?

Our loveable baseball team was down 3-0 in their series to the New York Yankees and everyone seemed to give up on them too.  Fresh off Aaron “Freakin’” Boone’s walk-off homerun a year before,  Red Sox fans were preparing for yet another disappointment.

We all know what happened after that…

Philadelphia, I’m sure, had the very same feelings we were (or still are) experiencing this year.  They came back after not only being down 3-0 in the series last year against Boston, but they also were down 3-0 in GAME 7.

But honestly, who cares about Philadelphia, they aren’t a legitimate sports town anyways

I’m calling all Bruins fans who gave up on this team this playoff series.  The series isn’t over until Montreal wins their FOURTH game.  I shouldn’t have to tell fans of Boston sports that.  Maybe Tampa Bay fans, maybe Phoenix fans, but certainly not Boston fans.

Keep the faith, stay loyal, and believe in the Bruins until that final horn.  Montreal will have to win at least one more game at the Garden to clinch, so fans attending Game 5 must be ruthless.  Stay loud, stay aggressive, and be the Bruins’ 7th man.  The Bruins will take it one game at a time, and continue to build momentum, and so should we.

P.S. –  Claude, sit Michael Ryder and start Tyler Seguin Game 4. It’s about time you give the kid a chance.  He will put the puck in the net.

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  1. Haha Michael Ryder you son of a bitch. He would get the last goal, who’d of thunk it? I think we all doubted him and he came up HUGE. Hats off to you Ryder, lets bring this thing home i smell canadien blood!

    Posted by Brendan Gardiner | April 22, 2011, 1:52 pm

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