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Shallon Lester (Who?) Claims She Got Amstel Light with Bruins at Foxwoods

Shallon Lester with the Stanley Cup (Photo from her blog,

Leave it to Deadspin to unfurl the mystery of the lone Amstel Light purchased at Foxwoods during the Bruins’ epic celebration soon after the glorious Stanley Cup victory. Was it Mark Recchi? Nope, he’s too old. Nathan Horton? He’s still recovering, though I bet all the Bud Lights were just great for his headaches. Tyler Seguin? Nah, he’s underaged (like that matters). It must have been Zdeno Chara, right? A big fat no.

Apparently, New York-based socialite Shallon Lester (no relation that I know of to Jon Lester) and star of MTV’s Downtown Girls claims she was the one who drank the Amstel Light. Why? She ordered it because the $100,000 champagne was “warm and gross.” The Amstel Light was there to wash it all down.

Deadspin obtained an e-mail Lester sent to her girlies on Wednesday:

“Hey Girls,

Here’s the dirt on the “Lone Amstel” incident as it is heretofore known :)

My tweet: Uh sorry guys, it was me. Seriously. RT @nbc_sports: Which @NHLBruins ordered the lone #AmstelLight on the $156,000 tab?

I went to Foxwoods that weekend at the behest of the hotel publicists and basically it was me, my puck bunny friend Dani and 25 Bruins. Here’s my blog recap on the weekend:¬†

As for the Amstel, we were at Shrine (the nighclub inside Foxwoods) and Shawn Thornton was kind enough to pass the Stanley Cup full of Ace of Spades our way, but the champagne was warm and gross so I ordered a beer from the waitress. But if Amstel is keen on giving away beer, I think it should go to Jordan Caron. He was definitely the most excited to be in Lord Stan’s presence and definitely definitely used it to try and get laid.”

OK, wow. Two things we have learned from that e-mail:

  1. 20-year-old Jordan Caron actually was there celebrating.
  2. Because Caron was so desperate to get laid, he deserves the free beer from Amstel Light.

In the end, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised it was a “socialite.” I’m OK with that, just as long as it wasn’t Paris Hilton.

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