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Chad Ochocinco ‘In Heaven’ with Patriots, But Would Pay Anything For No. 85

Chad Ochocinco, Tom Brady

UPDATE (3:30 p.m.) – It appears that Ochocinco now has No. 85, as multiple outlets reported he was sporting a No. 85 shirt at practice on Friday. Hernandez was seen with No. 81 shorts on — he wore No. 81 in college, but Randy Moss (a former No. 81) had that jersey when Hernandez was drafted.

New Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, traded to the team on Thursday, will pay anything to get No. 85 from the current Patriot who sports the number, Aaron Hernandez. Sources close to Chad told TMZ that Ocho feels “no number is too high.”

There’s no word yet whether Hernandez would refuse to give up the number to Ochocinco, whose jersey would look kind of foolish if it said “Ochocinco” with Nos. 84 or 86. Can you imagine Chad changing his name again?

Whether he gets his number or not (and he will get it), Ochocinco appears to be on Cloud 9 in Foxboro. He met with Patriots players on the field at practice on Friday, though he was not able to suit up as the deal hasn’t been finalized.

“It’s 1 thing to jump and be able to land on 2 feet but I had no idea I was landing in Heaven.Hope all is well on this good Friday.” – Chad said on his Twitter, which now describes him as ‘New England Patriots WR Chad Ochocinco.’

Tom Brady appears to be excited to work with Ochocinco.

“I’ve known Chad for a long time,” Brady said. “I’ve watched him for a long time and he brings a lot of energy and for the team and we’re looking forward to everyone being out here trying to get better and trying to see what we can make of this year.”

Ochocinco has always admired Brady and Bill Belichick, as well as the Pats organization. He even traded himself to the Patriots in Madden, as I chronicled back in April.

Do you think Ochocinco will fit right in with the Pats?

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One comment for “Chad Ochocinco ‘In Heaven’ with Patriots, But Would Pay Anything For No. 85”

  1. Ochocinco is already proving that he won’t fit in. Him wearing #85 has nothing to do with the team and winning games–its all about him being a prima donna. The jersey colors have changed, but he’s still the same.

    Posted by Alan | July 29, 2011, 2:26 pm

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