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Celtics Coach Saves Man’s Life in Newton, Mass.

Celtics trainer Bryan Doo, seen here helping Ray Allen stretch, saved a man's life Wednesday.  (Photo courtesy WEEI)

With the ongoing NBA lockout weighing on basketball fans, the Boston Celtics are making some uplifting news outside the negotiating room with a headline for everyone to enjoy.

Celtics Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryan Doo revived a man whose heart stopped during a pick-up basketball game Wednesday at the Hyde Park Community Center in Newton, Mass., reported.

During a break for water, Chuck Conley lost consciousness when his heart stopped, and luckily Doo had the presence of mind to take the defibrillator hanging on the gym wall and spring into action. Doo managed to shock Conley’s heart back into action so that he could be admitted to the hospital for surgery to unclog the artery that caused his heart failure.

During his interview with WCVB TV, Doo claimed, “The only part that made me nervous is when the machine said press the button, shock him. The point is I think anybody could have done it. I think I was there, and it happened to be me.”

Despite Doo’s own attempts to downplay his actions, the impressive fact remains that he saved a man’s life! I don’t care if it was an automatic defibrillator walking him through the most basic of steps; he stared down Death itself and came out victorious. I can only assume that facing the wrath of an injured Kevin Garnett in the training room gave Doo the necessary practice to perform under such pressure.  Look!  He even manages to make Garnett smile during a game (and lives to tell about it)!

Now, if only Bryan Doo could work his magic on the NBA lockout. Lord knows we could certainly use him to jolt some life and urgency into these negotiations and save the upcoming NBA season, too.

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