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BCS Top 25 (Week 15): The Game of The Century, Part II

The Honey Badger was once again a game changer for LSU in the SEC Championship. (Associated Press)

1. LSU
It is not much of a stretch to say that LSU should have been losing 21-0 to Georgia in the SEC Championship. When Tyrann Mathieu returned a punt for a touchdown to make it 10-7, I knew Georgia was done.

The fact that the Tigers went on to win 42-10 is a testament to how perfect you need to be against them. Georgia had them on their heels and couldn’t knock them down. They then did not score another point.

More notably, LSU has beaten three schools (Oregon, West Virginia and Alabama) that are playing in BCS bowls. Arkansas, the next most impressive skin on their belt, is playing in the Cotton Bowl, the most BCS-y non-BCS bowl.

2. Alabama
I am as much in favor of destroying the BCS as the next rational person, but I’m having trouble coming up with a strong argument against Alabama playing in the BCS Championship.

I understand that they didn’t win their conference or even their division, but that is a matter of circumstance. They’re still the second best team in the country.

3. Oklahoma State
.0086 points. Alas.

4. Stanford
Stanford is playing Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl, a game that pits the country’s most exciting elite offense against its most boring elite offense. Am I excited? Absolutely. Do I care who wins? No.

5. Oregon
Some people would claim that the BCS has failed because the lower ranked Pac-12 school is going to the Rose Bowl. I don’t share that concern and am excited to see such a fast team go against a team as large and lumbering as Wisconsin.

6. Arkansas
7. Boise State
8. Kansas State
9. South Carolina
10. Wisconsin
Instead of going to a BCS bowl, Boise State is playing 6-6 Arizona State in the Maaco Bowl Las Vegas (who named it like that?). They deserve better, and I hope they win by 60. Arizona State is so much worse than the Broncos that Kellen Moore could win the game right handed.

11. Virginia Tech
12. Baylor
13. Michigan
14. Oklahoma
15. Clemson
Michigan is playing in the Sugar Bowl. Baylor is playing in the Valero Alamo Bowl. Find me one non-Michigan grad who would prefer Michigan to Baylor in a BCS game. RGIII can do just about anything on the field, and he would be fascinating on such a large stage. Michigan is… a nice squad.

16. Georgia
17. Michigan State
18. TCU
19. Houston
20. Nebraska
This is apparently the quintet for schools that lost conference championships. I’d like to move TCU away from them, the Horned Frogs deserve better company.

21. Southern Miss
22. Penn State
23. West Virginia
24. Texas
25. Auburn
Southern Miss! Throwing everything into disarray! I want to appreciate what USM did, but I do feel like the net result was negative. Houston lost far more than the Golden Eagles gained. Also, Auburn and Texas are the only two five loss teams in a Top 25 that doesn’t include any four-loss teams. What are the chances of that?

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