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2012 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVI is set; now let the excitement begin. (

The Super Bowl is finally here, and once again, it’s New England vs. New York (if you include the other side of the New Jersey border). The SoB (in red)/SoNY (in green) rivalry is continuing in full swing as well, with the Pats getting the majority of picks to win their fourth ring. (True, most panelists are from Boston, but the Giants swung one of those votes.) Based on our picks, it looks to be a medium-to-high scoring game, though not an absolute shootout.

The passing looks to be in the low-to-mid 300s to top off the day, with a few turnovers thrown in. The MVP depends on who you ask, with only Tom Terrific getting multiple votes.

All categories are the same as last round, with the addition of picking the total combined turnovers of both teams. And also, for the Super Bowl, all point values are doubled! That mean’s it’s worth four points for anyone who guesses the winner of any game, two points if they can guess combined touchdown totals of the two teams to within one (or four points if they guess the total exactly right) and two points if they can guess the total passing yardage of each game’s top passer to within 50 (or four points if they get within 10 and six points if they guess it exactly right [just for the Super Bowl]). Correctly guessing the game’s MVP is worth two points, and guessing the combined turnover total of both teams is worth two points if guessed to within one (or two points if guessed exactly right).

So with all that out of the way, let’s enjoy the Super Bowl. Check below for the picks and check back on Monday for the results.

Name Aryeh Edward John Josh KC Zach
Patriots vs
Winner Patriots Giants Patriots Patriots Patriots Giants
TDs 5 5 7 7 6 6
Passing Yards 330 324 318 300 380 348
MVP Rob Gronkowski —– Aaron Hernandez Tom Brady Tom Brady Victor Cruz
Turnovers 3 —– 4 2 3 2
Tiebreaker Longest
7:45 —– 6:24 6:03 12:45 8:43
28 30 18 20 28 28

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