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What We Learned This Week: Peyton’s Place Soap Opera Finally Ends

Tim Tebow-Peyton Manning Billboard

What we learned the week of 3/12 -3/19

1. The Broncos signed Peyton Manning and will trade Tim Tebow. One guy is much younger, healthier, cheaper, had a better season last year, and has already led Denver to the division title. The other guy takes up a huge amount of salary cap room, is coming off multiple neck surgeries and is at the age when football players really start to show their age. Which one are they dumping again? Rumors have it that one potential destination for Tebow could be the Patriots. It’s unlikely though as they already have a superstar at Tebow’s natural position, and his name is Rob Gronkowski.

2. The local brainiac college made it to the Final 4 of the NCAA basketball tournament. No, it wasn’t one-and-done Harvard, it was that well known jock school, MIT. Too bad no one managed to hack their game in the Final 4– other than Wisconsin-Whitewater, who ended their season by winning 71-56.

3. The Bruins busted out of their slump in a big way, demolishing Toronto. If only they could play Toronto in the playoffs! If the Bruins stay hot, they will finish with the #2 seed and draw the #7 seed Ottawa Senators in the first round. But if they go back to slumping, because of the NHL’s division-winner seeding system, they are quite likely to fall all the way to the #7 seed, and have to face the division champs, the #2 seed… Ottawa Senators.

4. Jon Lester will be the Opening Day starter for the Red Sox. The way the rest of the rotation is lined up so far, he should be followed by Beckett and Buchholz against Detroit. In Toronto, the next start will probably go to Felix Doubront, followed by Daniel Bard, and then back to Lester again, with Beckett ready for the home opener against Tampa. The best part of that? No John Lackey and no Carlos Silva. It should be much better than the starting pitching the Sox got in the last month they played, when the starters posted a combined ERA of 7.08, the worst in the long history of the franchise, and famously blew their unblowable lead.

5. Duke is already out of the NCAA tournament. This is devastating news for Duke fans, Dick Vitale and CBS’s ad sales department, and cause for joyous celebration for the entire rest of the population of the universe.

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