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2011-2012 NBA Expert Picks Results

"Pro Wrestling," NES

After a season without much rest for the weary, the playoffs are upon us, also without much rest for the weary. But before we talk about the playoffs, we have to recap the regular season picks our experts made back in December, and see how everything shaped up.

Picking the field itself wasn’t much of a challenge, but the precise ordering was more of a challenge. The Spurs caught most panelists off guard and the Lakers a majority, as far as division winners go. The Heat once again failed to live up to expectations of a team that was thought to conquer the league. The Thunder were a great choice out West, though not quite as the #1 most expected. Bonus points for exact seeds weren’t numerous, but were still handed out here and there.

So where does that leave the final standings? Without further ado, the winner of the 2011-2012 NBA Pick ‘Em is…Gianpaolo. Being the only one to pick the Bulls to win the East really helped out, especially with Miami following at #2. The rest of the field was quite crowded, with a three-way tiebreaker and two-way tiebreaker needed.

So there you have it. Be sure to check below for the complete standings and results, and check back Sunday for everyone’s playoff selections.

Rank Name Points
#1 Gianpaolo 34
#2 Josh S 27
#3 Stephen 27
#4 John 27
#5 KC 23
#6 Matthew 21
#7 Nick 21
#8 Aryeh 19
Name Aryeh Gianpaolo John Josh S KC Matthew Nick Stephen
East #1 *Heat *Bulls (8) *Heat *Heat *Heat *Heat *Heat *Heat
#2 *Bulls *Heat (7) *Bulls *Bulls *Bulls *Bulls *Bulls *Bulls
#3 *Celtics *Knicks *Celtics *Celtics *Knicks *Celtics *Knicks Magic
#4 Knicks Magic Knicks Knicks Celtics (5) Magic Pacers *Celtics (5)
#5 Magic Pacers Magic Hawks (4) Magic Knicks Magic Knicks
#6 Hawks Celtics Hawks Magic (3) Pacers Hawks Celtics Pacers
#7 Wizards 76ers Pacers Pacers 76ers Pacers Hawks Bucks
#8 76ers (1) Hawks 76ers (1) 76ers (1) Hawks Nets 76ers Nets
West #1 *Mavericks *Thunder *Mavericks *Thunder *Thunder *Thunder *Thunder *Thunder
#2 Spurs *Mavericks *Thunder (7) *Mavericks *Mavericks *Lakers *Mavericks *Spurs
#3 *Thunder *Clippers Spurs Spurs *Clippers *Mavericks Grizzlies *Clippers
#4 *Clippers Trail Blazers *Lakers *Lakers Lakers Spurs *Clippers Grizzlies (5)
#5 Lakers Lakers Nuggets Grizzlies Grizzlies Clippers Lakers Trail Blazers
#6 Suns Grizzlies Suns Trail Blazers Spurs Nuggets (3) Nuggets (3) Lakers
#7 Nuggets Spurs Clippers Clippers Nuggets Warriors Spurs Warriors
#8 Grizzlies Rockets Trail Blazers Suns Rockets Hornets Trail Blazers Mavericks
Best Team Heat Bulls Heat Heat Heat Heat Heat Heat
Tiebreaker Worst
Raptors Cavaliers Cavaliers Bobcats Cavaliers Jazz Suns Bobcats
2nd Worst
Kings Raptors Kings Raptors Hornets Wizards Bobcats Cavaliers
3rd Worst
Cavaliers Jazz Nets Cavaliers Bobcats Cavaliers Warriors Pistons
Total Points 19 34 27 27 23 21 21 27

Table Legend:

  • * = division winner pick
  • Two-point picks are bolded.
  • One-point picks are italicized.
  • Zero-point picks are crossed out.
  • A number in parentheses after a team indicates bonus points received thanks to that team.

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