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If the Playoffs Started Today – MLB Week 20

Nationals vs Rangers: Week 20's prediction for the World Series

Now that August is over and done with, time is starting to run out on teams to make a run. The elimination numbers are large enough for now, but we’re getting a good idea of who might have a chance of making it in. Now that September is almost upon us, many teams are starting to shape their rosters for what is to come, including getting the ever-important #1 seed, so let’s look at what would happen if the playoffs started as of Friday, August 31 at 7:45pm:

National League

#1 Washington Nationals

The Nationals are still on top, but only by percentage points over Cincinnati. They’re starting to recover from a five-game losing streak, and they’ll have to keep things up if they want to hold the Reds off. They have the tools to do so, certainly, but with both so close, shutting Strasburg down could be the wrong move at such a pivotal moment.

#2 Cincinnati Reds vs #3 San Francisco Giants

The Giants are doing well, but the Reds are the first team to 80 wins and have the ability at home to face almost any challenge at this time.

#W1 Atlanta Braves vs #W2 St. Louis Cardinals

Atlanta hasn’t exactly been too good lately, but St. Louis is on a three-game losing streak. Those losses have been to two good teams in Washington and Pittsburgh, St. Louis can’t go far in the playoffs if they’re having trouble with good teams.

American League

#1 Texas Rangers

Texas maintains a two-game lead over New York and a four-game lead over Oakland, despite the A’s six-game winning streak. That goes to show you the talent pool Texas has, especially with Josh Hamilton playing for his next big contract this off-season.

#2 New York Yankees vs #3 Chicago White Sox

The Yankees are in a bit of a rough patch at the wrong time in the season. At least they have CC Sabathia back, but they still have a ways to go to make it to the World Series. Chicago is equipped well enough to pull off the upset if they catch New York on a bad day or two.

#W1 Oakland Athletics vs #W2 Baltimore Orioles

The Athletics have all the momentum going for them right now with six straight victories. The Orioles aren’t too far behind in recent history, but the home field advantage and in tact winning streak do belong to Oakland.

What Might Change Next Week:

  • An easier schedule has Cincinnati primed to jump into the #1 spot.
  • Similarly, look for Pittsburgh to retake the last Wildcard spot from St. Louis.

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