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2012 MLB Expert Picks Results

"Pro Wrestling," NES

The regular season is now over, and it included two divisions decided on the final day. And it included another sizable September collapse, this time by Texas. Fortunately for the two-time defending AL champs, Texas is still hosting the Wildcard game. The Athletics and Orioles surprised everyone, while the Nationals and Reds didn’t catch everyone by surprise, but their position as the two best teams in baseball sure did. The defending champion Cardinals held off the Dodgers late, and the Red Sox were harder to swallow than peanuts to the allergic.

But I’m sure everyone is waiting to hear how our experts fared with their predictions. This time, it was quite close. So without further ado, the winner of the 2012 MLB Pick ‘Em is…Taylor. It was so close, Taylor won via correctly guessing the Astros to be the majors’ worst team in the tiebreaker, whereas Edward picked them as second-worst. The Yankees, Tigers and Giants all gave plenty of bonus points to many participants for guessing their seeds exactly.

So there you have it. Check below for the complete results and standings, and check back Friday for the start of the Playoffs Pick ‘Em edition.

Rank Name Points
#1 Taylor 21
#2 Edward 21
#3 Matthew 18
#4 Nick 17
#5 Josh 16
#6 John 16
#7 KC 14
#8 Mike 12
#9 Aryeh 10
#10 Bobby 9
Name Aryeh Bobby Edward John Josh KC Matthew Mike Nick Taylor
AL #1 Tigers Rangers Yankees (5) Yankees (5) Yankees (5) Yankees (5) Yankees (5) Tigers Yankees (5) Yankees (5)
#2 Angels Red Sox Tigers Angels Angels Tigers Rangers Rays Angels Angels
#3 Yankees Tigers (3) Angels Tigers (3) Tigers (3) Rangers Tigers (3) Angels Tigers (3) Tigers (3)
#W1 Red Sox Angels Rangers (2) Red Sox Rays Angels Angels Red Sox Rangers (2) Red Sox
#W2 —– Yankees Red Sox Rays Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Yankees Red Sox Rangers
NL #1 Phillies Phillies Phillies Phillies Phillies Phillies Phillies Cardinals D-Backs Reds
#2 Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Brewers Cardinals D-Backs Giants Nationals Phillies Braves
#3 Giants (3) Dodgers Giants (3) Rockies Rockies Reds Reds Giants (3) Cardinals Giants (3)
#W1 Marlins D-Backs Braves (2) Braves (2) Braves (2) Giants D-Backs Phillies Marlins Phillies
#W2 —– Nationals Brewers Reds Marlins Braves Nationals Braves Braves Rockies
Best Team Tigers Rangers Yankees Phillies Yankees Yankees Phillies —– Yankees Yankees
Tiebreaker Worst
Astros Mariners Padres Astros Astros Astros Astros Astros Astros Astros
2nd Worst
Padres Astros Astros Orioles Royals Padres Padres Orioles Athletics Orioles
3rd Worst
Royals Twins White Sox Mets Cubs Orioles Orioles Athletics Orioles Mariners
Total Points 10 9 21 16 16 14 18 12 17 21

Table Legend

  • Two-point picks are boldfaced.
  • One-point picks are italicized.
  • Zero-point picks are crossed out.
  • A number (in parentheses) after a pick indicate bonus points earned by that pick.

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  1. Bold pick of the Nationals as one of the best teams in the NL paid off.

    Posted by Mike Carlucci | October 5, 2012, 9:17 am

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