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Connelly’s Top Ten: Pumped and Jacked!

Thanks to Jeff Idelson for a great presentation and allowing us to have a highly successful fund raiser to benefit the homeless shelters of Boston.

1. Patriots vs. Pete’s Seahawks:

* Russell Wilson 5 TD to 6 INT (he can throw on run which means cornerbacks have to stay with their man)
* Six Seahawks have sacks – Chris Clemons has 5.5 / Bruce Irvin 4.5
* Richard Sherman in secondary a ballhawk with 2 INT / 7 Passes deflected
* Golden Tate three receiving TD’s including one that changed the league
* Leon Washington is averaging 34.3 a kickoff return with a long of 83
* Kicker Steven Hauschka is 10-10 up to 50 yards

2. Around MLB playoffs:

* Its painful enough to watch the Red Sox blow games to the Yankees but then to have the Orioles do it twice when they should have swept is a killer (good win on Thursday)
* Fans in Oakland, Baltimore and Washington don’t deserve winners – they didn’t show up all year
* Cal Ripken seems to be an instigator in the booth / John Smoltz does a nice job
* Joba Chamberlain hit by broken bat – matter of time before someone is impaled
* Why do I have 1% empathy for a guy making $28,000,000 – A Rod
* How can Jayson Werth even jump around on his walk off – he has 25 HR / .255 average / 89 RBI in two seasons for Nationals at $27,000,000

3. Around the NFL:

* I can’t believe Matt Slauson only got a $10,000 fine for his season ending cheap shot on Brian Cushing of the Texans – that should be a 5 game suspension without pay
* Steelers fans got the benefit of the tuck rule Thursday night
* Ed Hoculi on the cover of SI – head bigger than his biceps now
* Detroit, Green Bay, Patriots, Jets, Steelers, New Orleans = 9-15
* As Bill Parcells says they are who they are – Tebow won with Denver / Manning is 2-3

4. Bruins Opening Night Thoughts:

* Milan Lucic didn’t cruise around the ice like Peggy Fleming
* Tim Thomas didn’t leave his AK 47 in the net
* David Krejci didn’t hit the post
* We didn’t hear about concussions of Horton / Savard
* No long Jack Edwards salutations

5. College Football:

* Best games – LSU vs. South Carolina / Oklahoma vs. Texas
* Locks – Under in West Virginia vs. Texas Tech (78)

6. Rankings of TV and Movie coaches:

In honor of Red Sox Managerial Search…

1. Ken Reeves – White Shadow
2. Reg Dunlop – Slap Shot
3. Norman Dale – Hoosiers
4. Lou Brown – Major League
5. Larry – Bull Durham Pitching coach

7. Amazing Stat:

Streaks and trends end in playoffs –

* Johnson gives up game to Yankees after 76 straight wins for Orioles when leading after 7th:
* Braves Kris Medlin pitchers in elimination game after his team had won in his previous 23 appearances
* Gary Anderson is 38 for 38 on field goals in 1998 and then misses a 39 yarder in playoffs costing the Vikings the season

8. Old School:

You gotta be healthy to win – Top five games played by Red Sox in Pennant years:

* 2007 – Lowell 154 / Ortiz 149 / Lugo 147 / Youkilis 145 / Crisp 145
* 2004 – Manny 152 / Damon 150 / Ortiz 150 / Millar 150 / Bellhorn 138
* 1986 – Baylor 160 / Barrett 158 / Rice 157 / Buckner 153 / Evans 152
* 1975 – Burleson 158 / Yaz 149 / Lynn 145 / Rice 144 / Evans 128
* 1967 – Yaz 161 / Scott 159 / Reggie Smith 158 / Mike Andrews 142 / Rico Petrocelli 142

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Names of sports teams that invoke bad memories for the community

* Miami Hurricanes
* Chicago Fire
* Rancho Cucamonga Quakes
* Albuquerque Isotopes
* Las Vegas 51s
* Illinois-Chicago Flames
* Lake Erie Storm
* University of New England Nor’easters
* Southeastern Oklahoma Savage Storms

10. Randomocity:

* John Farrell looks like Agent Van Alden from Boardwalk Empire
* Watching TV series Last Resort – first show is a rip off of Crimson Tide
* Not a fan of the olive oil with bread – give me butter
* What’s the latest you can go without putting on your heat?
* Wrestler Rulon Gardner filed for bandruptcy
* In 1957, Alex Karras was second in Heisman vote

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3 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Pumped and Jacked!”

  1. John Farrell looks exactly like that actor. What about Coach Hayden Fox of Minnesota St on the show “Coach?” Loved that show.

    REPLY – MPC – Under-rated show – definitely

    Posted by Brian Colella | October 12, 2012, 9:53 am
  2. As usual great stuff.

    Agree on the Slauson hit. If receivers get protected by the NFL for being a “defenseless receiver” then lineman should be protected in a similar fashion.

    Love Boardwalk Empire. Huge Buscemi fan. New character Gyp is classic.

    I’m an olive oil and bread guy but wife agrees with you.

    REPLY – MPC – Buschemi on fire / need Boardwalk Empire to gain some momentum slow start – thats what makes marriages work more olive oil for you

    Posted by NoBama | October 12, 2012, 10:05 am
  3. Morris Buttermaker as #1 coach. Had horribly dysfunctional team, found sponsorship for team, drilled fundmentals, recruited top pitching and hitting, gave uplifting speeches, team had desire in the end and a huge winning streak they invented “Cowboy up”. On Werth jumping around it was pure from the heart, who cares what he makes he wants to win

    Posted by kevin | October 12, 2012, 5:28 pm

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