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What should the Red Sox do with Alfredo Aceves?

Alfredo Aceves (Zimbio.com_

When Red Sox hired John Farrell, the first thought was forgetting the Bobby Valentine drama and the 2012 season and focusing on getting back on track for the 2013 season. Farrell is a perfect choice to manage the Red Sox, an organization hoping to move on from past troubles. But for those thinking that firing Bobby V would solve all the problems in the Red Sox clubhouse, one problem still remains: Alfredo Aceves.

After failing putting full effort into a drill, Farrell addressed Aceves about his effort. Red Sox insider Sean McAdams reported that when a club source was asked if Aceves seemed to be “testing” Farrell, the answer was “Absolutely.” Because of this altercation, there is talk of several options being discussed of what to do with Aceves. Options are to trade him, cut him, or option him to Triple A. What should the Red Sox do? Nothing!

Here’s why…

Going into the 2013 season, the Red Sox have made great additions to the bullpen, signing Koji Uehara and re-signing Craig Breslow, and also acquiring Joel Hanrahan to be the new Sox closer. Adding those key additions, Aceves rounds out a dominant bullpen. Although he prefers to start, he plays a key role in the Sox bullpen more than what people realize. Aceves may carry an attitude problem, but he is a reliable pitcher during any situation of the game, whether it’s for short or long relief.

Another component people have to remember is the season has not even started. I believe this altercation between Aceves and Farrell has been blown out of proportion by the media.  Farrell is not going to approach Aceves the Bobby V way and talk trash about his players. The 2013 season is a new beginning, which also means Aceves will be playing his role and giving full effort in each and every game.

The 2012 season is in the past and the Red Sox are determined to this year to start fresh, which includes a refreshed Aceves in the bullpen.

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