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Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Outclass Punk Penguins

1. Game 1 Recap:


* Rask was A+ – that is world class goaltending
* Krejci, Bergeron and Kelly were 24-10 on faceoffs
* Jagr is 0-40 shooting in the playoffs
* One of Lucic’s worst games, coughing up the puck everywhere
* Rask’s mask is bedazzled
* Shawn Thornton might be too slow for this series
* Might need Bartkowski’s skating before this over


* Now you know why Sidney Crosby is so hated – bump on Rask, slashing Bergeron’s stick in the faceoff, not going right to the box after his dirty slash and head hunting
* By the way Chara – if Crosby challenges you again take the five minutes and put him in the balcony
* Kris Letang is sticky
* They are actually more physical team than the Bruins
* If someone was badly hurt by Cook – there could be legal action against the NHL
* Interesting to watch the last eight minutes of that game – the Penguins quit


* Was that Harry Dunne (Dumb and Dumber) that sang the national anthem?
* Thank God Doc Emrick is back
* Give it to Claude – he doesn’t have exciting soundbites but his team looks well-coached
* Amazing how Ray Bourque could clear the puck on the goalie so there was no icing

2. Red Sox:

Sox were 29-28 last year at this time – surprisingly

3. Tiger Woods:

Tiger stinks – Two double bogey’s and a triple bogey and a 44 for nine holes ( I can do that)

4. Jose Iglesias:

Iglesias has 8 multi hit games in 13 starts

5. In honor of Rob Gronkowski – players who’s careers ended too early because of injury:

* Bobby Orr
* Cam Neely
* Gord Kluzak
* Robert Edwards
* Clayton Weishun
* Donald Blackmon
* Tony C
* Harry Agganis

6. The Hall of Fame of the Boston Amateur Basketball Club:

Shannon Bowman, Perry Bromwell, Dwan Chandler, Patrick Ewing, Chris Herren, Shawn Hood, Jamal Jackson, Paul Little, Eggie MCrae (who I coached), Eugene Miles, Scoonie Penn, Paul Stewart, Butch Wade

7. Amazing Stats:

Patriots Adam Vinatieri and Stephen Gostowski have 15 field goals from 50 yards or more. That’s more than every other kicker in Patriot history combined

8. Old School:

Two Hall of Famers taking over NHL teams? Mark Messier (15 All Star appearances) vs. Patrick Roy (11 All Star appearances)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Edith Bunker was an icon of Americana! Best significant others on TV:

* Sue Ellen Ewing
* Hot Lips Houlihan (until she went liberal)
* Estelle Constanza
* Carmela Soprano
* Laurie Petrie
* Ricky Ricardo

10. Randomocity:

* Is it me or is there a lot of bunnies around?
* Wicked hot
* Remember the Electric Company on PBS?
* Wow Astros have won 5 in a row with that lineup – the odds of them winning five in a row would be at least 100-1
* 8.5 inning game that was 2-0 win by A’s over White Sox took over 3 hours
* This Bruins – Penguins series is going to get nasty
* I would take Greg Sheppard over Brad Marchand

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Lifelong Boston resident who finds equal enjoyment in celebrating the local team's success as I do complaining about their failures. I have been writing the Top Ten for the last decade as well as five sports books: 26 Miles to Boston, Rebound, The President's Team, The Great Book of Boston Sports Lists and NBA List Jam.

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  1. Norman Leville

    REPLY – MPC – Good one

    Posted by stevea | June 3, 2013, 8:57 am
  2. Edith was awesome. But, LAURA Petrie was funny and hot. Could Elizabeth make the list, even though she was never seen?

    REPLY – MPC – Elizabeth – now that’s the outside the box thinking that gets you an A+

    Posted by mfcurtis | June 3, 2013, 10:58 am
  3. Hall of Fame: Rumeal Robinson needs to be there, unless you had bought som real estate from him after his pro hoops career

    REPLY – MPC – Not sure how he did with BABC but not great with the MLS

    Posted by Kevin | June 3, 2013, 12:18 pm

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