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Celtics Working to Get Rivers to Clippers in his ‘Dream Scenario’


According to a source from Boston Globe, Doc River’s ‘dream scenario’ is to coach Kevin Garnett on the Los Angeles Clippers next season.  The Celtics currently have Rivers locked up for three more years at $21 million, and Garnett under contract for the next two.

This afternoon, multiple media outlets reported that the Celtics and Clippers are engaged in discussions of a trade that would send Rivers, Garnett, and Paul Pierce to LA, for a deal built around DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe, Caron Butler and draft picks. The Clippers are reluctant to include Bledsoe in any such deal, and his exclusion could derail the talks entirely.

It has been widely speculated since the Celtics were bounced out of the 2013 playoffs that team management want to begin rebuilding now.The Celtics currently have three players over the age of 35 in Pierce, Garnett and  Jason Terry. If the Celtics pull the trigger now they may still be able to get a good return on their players. It is believed that Rivers is wary of another rebuilding process and wants to either coach a contender, or return to the broadcasting booth. If Rivers does leave the Celtics with Garnett, the Celtics would need to be heavily compensated.

The Boston Herald reported Thursday night that the Celtics have denied the Clippers any chance to talk to Rivers, unless a deal is already in place. Celtics GM Danny Ainge has been mum on the subject of this season, but if  Ainge is given a package that he cannot resist, then it’s probable that the Celtics would let go of their three headliners.

Once Rajon Rondo returns from his ACL tear, the Celtics could feature a fast break offense with an up tempo style of play. It has been a long time since the Celtics have been able to do this consistently throughout a season. The Celtics have played at or near the league’s slowest pace in recent seasons.

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