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Connellys Top Ten: Bruins Against Wall

After lightening struck my street Monday – just getting computer back (though sadly my big screen TV RIP)

1. Some notes from the Bruins:

* Are the Blackhawks starting to look weak side (similar to Vancouver taking advantage of Tim Thomas aggressive nature)
* Not for nothing but under the category of you never know – the trip by Chicago that led to the empty net goal should have been the penalty and would have been a faceoff in their zone with a 6 on 4 and 16 seconds left
* Bruins have now lost their first and third line centers in Bergeron and Campbell
* Has Chara been a different player after Shaw got in his head early?
* ESPN boxscore had hits 53 to 22
* Krecji was late defending on the second goal and lost 11 of 13 faceoffs
* 14 shots combined in the second and third period is not enough
* Seguin 1 for 69 shooting
* Kelly and Perverley are a combined MINUS 14 / Horton and Krejci are a combined PLUS 35

2. Aaron Hernandez:

* This could be the biggest crime in Boston sports history
* Uggie Urbina did kill someone
* Had a few vehicular homicide – Craig McTavish, Charles Smith
* Hernandez should have destroyed the video camera that showed his drop in the Super Bowl
* I guess Pot is a gateway drug

3. Red Sox:

* Red Sox bullpen was supposed to be as good as any in baseball – ERA is up to a whopping 4.12
* Buchholz is on pace to throw 170 innings this year and miss 200 again – Don Drysdale must be rolling in his grave

4. Dodgers vs. Astros:

Dodgers – 32 wins / payroll $216mm
Astros – 29 wins / payroll $26mm

5. Francona:

Despite the fact that Tito has brought a winning record and excitement to Cleveland – attendance is down from 19,797 last year to 18,178

6. Doc Rivers:

Thank God the Doc Rivers deal is over – sick of hearing about – off, on, off, on – first round pick works

7. Amazing Stat:

Jagr vs. Craig Grebeck

* Jagr 0-58 shooting
* Grebeck 2-41 – 2001 with Red Sox

8. Pawtucket Red Sox:

PawSox 125-91 over the last two years

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Superman at the box office

Man of Steel (2013) – $210mm (10 days)
Superman Returns (2006) – $200mm
Superman (1978) – $134mm
Superman II (1981) – $108mm
Superman III (1983) – $59mm
Superman IV (1987) – $15mmm

10. Randomocity:

* With the TV rating success of English Premier Soccer in the United States – I see ESPN is starting to promote cricket more
* Did spring come?
* Is Cabrera one of the top 5 right hand hitters in baseball history?

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