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Tim Tebow Couldn’t Stop Aaron Hernandez from Throwing Punch at Bar in 2007

Tebow Hernandez

According to USATODAY.COM, Tim Tebow apparently tried to stop Aaron Hernandez from throwing a punch at a bar in Florida back in 2007. At the time, Hernandez was a 17-year-old freshman.

The altercation started when Hernandez refused to pick up an unpaid tab of two drinks, eventually causing the bar’s manager, Michael Taphorn, to come over and confront Hernandez. Taphorn then asked Hernandez to leave the bar and that was when Hernandez threw a powerful punch causing Taphorn’s right eardrum to burst.

In agreement to a police report that was filed by the Florida Gainesville Police Department, Hernandez did not deny throwing the powerful punch at the bar. Hernandez told police that Taphorn got into his face outside the bar then threw the punch that caused his right ear drum to burst. Taphorn declined immediate medical treatment, but when examined the next day doctors, they found that his right ear drum had burst.

Taphorn was adamant about pressing charges according to ORLANDOSENTINEL.COM, but later requested that the charges be dropped. Taphorn did tell police he had spoken to the legal staff at the University of Florida.

Tim Tebow urged Hernandez to leave before the altercation had started. Tebow even made arrangements to pay the bill. When police arrived, Tebow was still with Hernandez and told police what had happened. The police report had Tebow listed as “Witness One,” according to Gainesville PD spokesman Ben Tobias. Tebow, according to the report, “was concerned that his name would get out to the media as being involved in the incident” and that’s why he wanted to remain anonymous.

Police recommended a felony assault charge against Hernandez, but in the end, no charges were brought.

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