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Meet Aaron Hernadez’s Jailhouse Phone Pal

Aaron Hernandez was pictured last year with Ryan McDonnell, who is believed to be Hernandez's jailhouse phone pal.

According to FOX Undercover reporter Mike Beaudet, the identity of a jailhouse phone pal that former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez frequently calls from his cell has been disclosed. The friend is Ryan McDonnell and he seems to have a better head on his shoulders than most of Hernandez’s associates.

Since Hernandez’s arrest in June for the murder of Odin Lloyd, the public has learned all about the types of “friends” Hernandez surrounded himself with. Two of his “friends,” Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace, are both in custody in connection to the murder of Lloyd. However, unlike those friends, it seems Hernandez still has one decent friend left who is not suspected of any criminal activities.

Hernandez and McDonnell have ties at least back through high school. The two graduated from Bristol Central High School in 2007 and were star athletes in school. The two men have remained close friends even as Hernandez’s professional football career took off but it seems McDonnell is far removed from the life of crime and associates Hernandez was accustomed to.

Unlike all the other people looking to make a quick buck off Hernandez and his jailhouse letters, McDonnell seems to have some sort of loyalty to Hernandez. When confronted by Beaudet looking to talk about Hernandez, McDonnell simply replied, “I’m all set.” Beaudet also asks, “You’re one of his best friends. Anything the public should know about about [Hernandez]?” McDonnell just replied, “He has lots of friends.”

Hernandez was pictured by TMZ just last year with McDonnell leaving a bar. The nature of their conversations are unknown, but all calls from jail are recorded.

Hernandez is currently in custody awaiting trial on his first-degree murder charge.

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