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Connelly’s Top Ten: Ugh and Great

1. Red Sox:

* Whats special about the Red Sox all year is the sincerity

* Someone else every night with talent that never seems to exceed opponents but proving the power of team and chemistry

* Bogaerts proving where he will be next year – Drew thanks for the diving play

* Last time I saw a play at third with an opponent thrown out like that was Ortiz throwing to third against Cardinals 2004 game 4

* Ellsbury showing intensity – does he want to leave this environment ?

* 3:52 game time

* 46 /67 / 04 and now 2013 – nice rivalry building

* Bobby V must be bumming

* Red Sox hit .236 in series and won

* You can’t win again with Lackey, Peavy and Buchholz giving up 22 runs

2. Patriots:

* One of Brady’s worst games – bad decisions – forcing into double coverage – missed Gronk for the winner – forcing the ball to Gronk the whole game — 17 targets out of 46 throws

* I love Jonathan Kraft explaining to neighbors in the box that Brady should have put some air under the pass to Gronk instead of a line drive

* Dobson is leading the NFL in drops – on one of his drops Sunday, Brady yelled – “catch the f***ing ball!”

* Gostkowski on fire – 17 for 18

* Patriots tried the play action fake end around yet again for nothing

* I see Brady and Josh McDaniels steering at a notebook but not figuring out anything and there is no engagement with receivers or running backs as far as I can see

* Offensive line is pathetic – Dante whats going on?

* I’ve never seen Brady throw so many balls with such zip – adding to drops

* Penalty on Gronk was BS and a game changer

* Stats – Time of possession Jets 46 to Patriots 23

* Hate seeing Ryan outcoach us yet again – where are the adjustments offensively

* Good stat by CBS – Geno is fifth rookie QB to beat Belichick –

* Chandler Jones 15 yarder personal foul was ticky tack compared to Jets cleaning up piles all day

* Brady flexing his hand all game

* Kraft shown at 1:12 of third quarter – as CBS seems to be contractually obligated

* Is every referee on the juice?

* Patriots 1-12 on third down – they have to be worst in NFL

* Really, 100 yards in penalties compared to 45 – Belichick has to get on them

3. Carl Crawford:

Crawford would rather lose than come to Boston and hear it.

4. Beckett:

Dodgers took off as soon as Becket got hurt

5. Will get you a full top ten on Thursday after Game 1

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