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Dolphins’ Mike Pouncey Subpoenaed in Connection with Aaron Hernandez Case

Dolphins center, Mike Pouncey, was surprised by a subpoena by Massachusetts State Police after Sunday's game in connection to the Aaron Hernandez case.

Less than an hour after the Patriots came back and defeated the Miami Dolphins, Dolphins center Mike Pouncey was served with a grand jury subpoena by the Massachusetts State Police (talk about adding insult to injury), according to reports from Sports Illustrated.

According to the reports, the subpoena was in connection to an ongoing investigation involving former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. Hernandez has already been charged with first-degree murder and weapons charges, along with a possible connection to a 2012 double murder. Now agencies from multiple states are looking into Hernandez’s possible involvement in interstate gun trafficking in at least three states: Massachusetts, New York and Florida. Although the degree of Pouncey’s involvement is unclear, police are focusing on multiple transactions between him and Hernandez.

Reports state two police officers approached Pouncey in the hallway between the visitors locker room and team buses after the game and handed Pouncey his subpoena right then and there. Pouncey asked the officers “What’s this about?” and officers were heard telling Pouncey, “Make sure you arrive.” The Dolphins had no comments about the subpoena after the game but apparently Pouncey was unaware any subpoena would be coming his way.

Pouncey, along with his twin brother Maurkice, who plays for the Steelers, have been friends with Hernandez since college and all three were teammates at the University of Florida. Mike was even roommates with Hernandez in college. As information about Hernandez’s involvement in the murder of Odin Lloyd mounted, the Pounceys were photographed wearing “Free Hernandez” hats at a nightclub. Maurkice later apologized. Mike never did.

Although he has been served, it does not mean Pouncey has been or will be charged with a crime. Officials are regarding him as a material witness that could potentially strengthen their case against Hernandez. However, depending on the course the case takes, Pouncey may be ordered to show jurors key documents, including emails between he and Hernandez and bank records.

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