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2013-2014 NBA Expert Picks

The rebuilding Celtics are the biggest story of the offseason; how will it affect the NBA? (

The NBA season has started anew, and with the likes of Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook out to start the season, Miami is in a good position for a three-peat, though they will have to get past Derrick Rose and a new-look Nets squad. The West is a bit harder to pick at the top, with the Clippers’ new coach and Rockets’ new center looking to shake up the standings, if not claim the top spot outright.

Rose’s return hasn’t been enough to restore complete confidence in our panel of experts, while Dwight Howard’s addition to Houston, while definitely helping, doesn’t look to push them into a contending spot. The Mavericks and Timberwolves are beginning to get some notice for the lower playoff spots, while the Raptors, Wizards, Pistons and Cavaliers are doing the same in the East.

In the NBA Pick ‘Em for 2013-2014, picking a team to make the playoffs is worth one point, or two points instead for correctly guessing a division winner instead. Correctly guessing a #1 seed exactly is worth eight points, then seven points for #2 exactly, and so on. Guessing which team will end up with the NBA’s best record is also worth two points. In the event of a tie, we’ll also be guessing which team will finish with the NBA’s worst record, then second-worst, then third-worst.

So now that the scoring has been laid out, check below for everyone’s picks, and check back once the season is complete for the results.

Name Joe John KC Nick B Nick G
#1 Heat* Heat* Heat* Heat* Heat*
#2 Bulls* Nets* Nets* Bulls* Pacers*
#3 Nets* Knicks Pacers* Nets* Bulls
#4 Pacers Pacers* Knicks Pacers Nets*
#5 Knicks Bulls Bulls Knicks Knicks
#6 Cavaliers Raptors Hawks Wizards Pistons
#7 Pistons Bucks 76ers Hawks Hawks
#8 Hawks Celtics Raptors Cavaliers Wizards
#1 Thunder* Thunder* Spurs* Clippers* Thunder*
#2 Spurs* Spurs* Clippers* Spurs* Clippers*
#3 Clippers* Clippers* Thunder* Rockets Grizzlies*
#4 Rockets Rockets Rockets Thunder* Spurs
#5 Warriors Grizzlies Grizzlies Warriors Rockets
#6 Grizzlies Nuggets Nuggets Grizzlies Warriors
#7 Nuggets Jazz Mavericks Mavericks Mavericks
#8 Mavericks Trail Blazers Warriors Timberwolves Timberwolves
Best Team Heat Heat Heat Heat Heat
Tiebreaker Worst
Suns Cavaliers Bobcats 76ers 76ers
Kings Bobcats Suns Suns Kings
Bobcats 76ers Magic Kings Bobcats

*Division Winner

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