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Connelly’s Top Ten: Squish the Fish

1. Patriots vs. Dolphins preview:

* Tannehill is on pace to be sacked 48 times
* Tight End Charles Clay the last four weeks: 24 receptions / 3 TD / 294 yards
* Cameron Wake and Oliver Vernon have combined for 19 sacks
* Dolphins have no return touchdowns
* Caleb Sturgis has missed eight fields goals this year

2. Barry Bonds average home runs a year in five year increments:

Age 21-26 – 23
Age 27-32 – 38
Age 33-38 – 48
Age 39-42 – 36

3. Running Backs:

Leading Running back’s draft position proving Bill’s theory you can get a running back in any round :

1. LeSean McCoy – 53rd
2. Adrian Peterson – 7th
3. Jamaal Charles – 73rd
4. Matt Forte – 44th
5. Marshawn Lynch – 12th
6. Alfred Morris – 173rd
7. Frank Gore – 65th

4. Brady/Montana:

Tom Brady is 36 – Joe Montana after age 35: 17-8 record / 31 TD to 16 INT / 60.9% completion

5. Cam Neely:

Neely quotes after his trade from Vancouver to Boston in 1986:

* This is a great break for me. I’m coming to a team and to a division where there is a lot of physical hockey, and I should be able to get in a lot of hits. I’m not the most skilled player in the game, but I work at the game.”
* “I guess I got in the odd fight,” he said by telephone last night, adding his record was “good enough.”

* “This is a terrific birthday present for me,” said Neely. “Boston’s style of hockey is suited for me. I play physical hockey, and I guess my game is along the boards, in the corners and in front of the net. I like going into the corners and getting the puck. I try to work hard every night.”

6. Bucs:

Tampa Bay has the best plus / minus in turnovers in the NFL and is 4-9

7. Amazing StatL

Wes Welker played 252 days after tearing his ACL – January 3rd to September 12th

8. Old School:

Accounts from the Red Sox locker room after their game seven loss in 1946: Pesky – “I’m a goat, its my fault. I’m to blame. I had the ball in my hand and I hesitated and gave Slaughter six steps….I thought he would hold up at third.” Then teammates yelled at him “Sit down Johnny….Yeah, give us a rest.”

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Top Soccer Team Values – Forbes Magazine

1. Real Madrid – $3,300 billion
2. Manchester United $3,165 billion
3. Barcelona – $2,600 billion
4. Arsenal – $1,326 billion
5. Bayern Munich – $1,309 billion

10. Randomocity:

* If Aaron Hernandez got off on a technicality – would a team hire him
* It takes a sixteen degree night to make a dog owner question why they are a dog owner
* Hmmm global warming
* Ray Fosse was never the same after Pete Rose knocked him down in the all star game at the plate
* Patriots have $27mm on injured reserve – Wilfork turns out to be bad signing – should have held value and let him go

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  1. The top soccer team values should be in millions of dollars, not billions.

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