After getting drilled in the helmet by a R.A. Dickey knuckleball, Mike Napoli follows through on his monstrous 451-foot home run at Rogers Centre. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Chris Young) Video: Napoli Beaned, Homers into Fifth Deck in 7-Run 11th Inning for Red Sox Xander Bogaerts striking out (Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports) Struggling Season Continues for Xander Bogaerts Logan Mankins is heading to Tampa Bay for TE Tim Wright and a draft pick. (Getty Images) Report: Patriots Trade Logan Mankins to Tampa Bay Jon Lester (Ezra Shaw, Getty Images) Red Sox Have Decisions to Make and Money to Spend this Off-Season

Connelly’s Top Ten: Omaha This

February 24th Blanket Dinner – DoubleTree -

1. Patriot Positive:

* Patriots 27-24 in overtime after Manning gets ball to start and has to punt

* Patriots are 7-2 in AFC Championship Games

* Patriots are 3-1 on the road in Conference Championships

* Patriots are 3-14 in Denver

* Crazy play by Ben Watson to get to Champ Bailey and force what should have been a touchback

* I remember the Patriots had it won there and Mosi Tatupu fumbled

2. Quarterbacks left:

* Brady…………6-4 / 225 lbs / 199th pick / 0 Heisman first place Heisman Votes / 9 Pro Bowls

* Manning…….6-5 / 230 lbs / 1st pick / 295 first place Heisman Votes / 13 Pro Bowls

* Wilson……….5-11 / 204 lbs / 75th pick / 4 first place Heisman Votes/ 2 Pro Bowls

* Kaepernick…. 6-5 / 233 lbs / 36th pick / 0 Heisman votes / 0 Pro Bowls

3. Best offenses in sports history:

Broncos scored more points in a regular season than any other team in NFL history – other sports and how they fared:

* Most Goals – 1984 Edmonton Oilers – won the Stanley Cup (5.92 a game)

* Most points – 1982 Denver Nuggets – lost in the first round (126.5 points a game)

* Most runs – 1931 Yankees – scored 1067 – didn’t make it to playoffs (6.88 game)

 4. Kershaw got $31mm a year and…..

* Is 1-3 in the post season

* Never finished in the Top Five in MVP voting

* Never won 22 games in a season

* Never struck out 250 batters in a season

* Never threw 250 innings in a season

* Adam Dunn is 8 for 13 against him

5. Weather:

In a two week period, sporting events in Green Bay and in Sidney Australia had a 110 degree differential

6. Brady:

at Michigan 20-5 (.800) / Brady Patriot 148-43 (.774)

7. Amazing Stat:

Greatest World Series pitching – shutouts

* 1956 – Don Larsen…..9 innings / perfect game / 7 strike outs / No walks / Opponents Average .258

* 1967 – Jim Lonborg….9 innings / 1 hit / 4 strike outs / no walks / 3 days rest  / Opponents Average .263

* 1991 – Jack Morris…..10 innings / 7 hits / 8 strike outs / 2 walks / 126 pitches

8. Old School:

Brady after beating Manning – first encounter 9/30/01:

* Globe – Shaughnessy quotes Brady: “I’ve been preparing for this my whole life. It’s not like they pulled me off the street and said you’re starting. I knew eventually this day was going to come since I started playing football.”

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

The George Washington Bridge:

* Built in 1931

* Cost $59,000,000

* Weekday traffic 151,685

10. Randomocity:

* Interesting that Bill Cowher is publically saying that he used to steal signs and it was part of the game

* Sunday – go out and watch or stay home and listen to the game?

* Celtics are going to need a warehouse for draft picks – now move Rondo

* Fog is cool

* Month to Red Sox

* I told you Monday that Omaha Steaks would come calling

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