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Jerry Remy’s Future Uncertain

Will Remy return next season with all that is going on? (Getty Images/Matt Burke)

He played for the Red Sox from 1978-84. He started broadcasting on NESN in 1988. He is one of the most respected sports broadcaster in the New England area and is the first president on Red Sox Nation. Jerry Remy is a part of New England and it seemed that he would continue to serve as the Red Sox color announcer until he decided to call it quits. Unfortunately it seems like that decision has been been pushed to the forefront.

It needs to be made clear that there are many things that are more important than sports. A person’s life is, and always will be, more important. For those who are unaware of the story, Jerry Remy’s son Jared is accused of murdering Jennifer Martel, who was Jared’s girlfriend and mother of their four-year-old child. These turn of events led to Jerry Remy leaving NESN indefinitely and his return status is still in limbo. Regarding the murder of Martel, Remy has said little beyond this statement via his Twitter account recently after his son was accused.

“Words cannot describe my wife’s and my grief. Son or not, I am at loss for words articulating my disgust and remorse over this senseless and tragic act.”

Remy has been mostly silent since then and has been mum about his return to the booth next season. It is said that NESN has a standing offer on the table for him to return, but would like a resolution before the beginning of spring training. That being said, should Jerry Remy return?

In my opinion, I feel that Remy should take his time. Even if he decides to sit out this year, I would not be surprised if he was welcomed with open arms in 2015. This is clearly a delicate situation and there are many more things than who should call the play-by-play to consider. Would it be disrespectful to the Martel family for Remy to return? Would he be capable of engaging in the same witty banter with Don Orsillo with all that is still occurring at home?

With Jared Remy’s trial set for this October perhaps it is best for Jerry to wait it out and return next year when this is all finished. Jerry Remy has more important things to worry about than the Red Sox and he should be allowed to follow whichever decision suits him best. He will be missed, but I do not think this is the end of Jerry Remy quite yet.


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