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2014 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Super Bowl Results

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The Super Bowl is over, as is the 2013-2014 season. The 2014 draft should provide plenty of exciting moments, with several teams needing a franchise quarterback and several available. But that is a consolation to the fans for what was one of the more lopsided Super Bowls in recent memory. Peyton Manning and the powerful Denver offense looked like a JV squad at best for most of the game, moving up to the 31st overall pick following a 43-8 loss to Seattle.

With everyone picking the Broncos, the touchdown total was where our panelists got most of their final points in a push for positioning. Peyton Manning threw for only 280 yards, limited by two picks as well, which limited our own chances to get points out of the passing yards total.

But with multiple panelists still close together and doubled points, who came out on top? Without further ado, the winner of the 2014 NFL Playoffs Pick ‘Em is… me. Being only nine yards off on Manning’s Super Bowl leading passing total helped me move even, and coming close enough on the touchdown total sealed the deal. But with a bye week leading to two of us forgetting to make picks, things could easily be different if that weren’t the case.

But things are what they are, including Wes Welker being 0-3 in Super Bowls. So check below for the final standings and results, and come back in September for the 2014 regular season picks. The season may yet start off with a Seattle/Denver rematch…

Rank Name Points
#1 John 36
#2 KC 34
#3 Taylor 26
#4 Ying 22
#5 Jake 21
#6 Nick G 15
#7 Steve 7
#8 Josh 8
#9 Nick B 5
Name Jake John Nick G Ying
Broncos vs
Winner Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos
TD Total 6 5 8 6
486 289 340 350
MVP Peyton
Total Points 21 36 15 22

Table Legend

  • Four-point picks are boldfaced.
  • Two-point picks are italicized.
  • Zero-point picks are crossed out.

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